F1 is back for 2021 after the summer break that felt like an eternity. The fabled Spa-Francorchamps will see Lewis Hamilton try and extend his eight-point advantage over Max Verstappen, but if the Free Practice sessions are anything to go by, the Red Bull driver seems to have the edge this weekend.

F1 returns to Spa after summer breakThe race for the number three spot is also heating up, with McLaren’s Lando Norris inching ahead of Valterri Bottas by just five points. This is also one battle worth watching as both the drivers are adamant while protecting their positions.
Red Bull Racing’s number two driver Sergio Perez is not too far behind either, with just a four-point gap to Bottas. In what can only be dubbed as a hugely successful debut season for Red Bull, Perez has proven his mettle over the last few races gathering crucial points for the team. Now that his contract has been extended till 2022, you can expect him to be a bit more relaxed and give it all this race.

F1 returns to Spa after summer breakThe constructors standings are also quite competitive. Just as Lewis and Max are battling it out, Red Bull and Mercedes-AMG are not too far off, with the latter having just a twelve-point advantage over the former. It is a battle we expect to get even more cut-throat as the season progresses, but the more intense battle is for the third spot. Arch-rivals Ferrari and McLaren are both on 163 points, with all four of the drivers putting in all they have. Daniel Ricciardo might not be having the best season of his career but is still helping out Norris to gain those crucial points. Meanwhile, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc are looking as competitive as ever.

F1 returns to Spa after summer breakThe latest winner of an F1 Grand Prix, Esteban Ocon, is also worth noticing as the fast-paced track will see the Alpine driver in his comfort zone. Teammate Fernando Alonso will also be looking to get that typical aggressive start and make up places, but having never won at Spa in his entire career, a win now would be a distant dream.

F1 returns to Spa after summer breakThat said, Alpha Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen has four wins at Spa and is aptly named ‘King of Spa’. His famous move of going flat-out through a cloud of smoke earned him praises in 2002, but let’s hope he doesn’t have to do that this weekend.
The other highlight also comes from the Haas garage as Mick Schumacher will be seen sporting his father Micheal’s helmet livery as a homage to the seven-time world champion. Michael debuted at Spa in 1991, and now 30 years later, Mick will also be looking to make a mark.