The 2021 Mercedes Maybach S-Class has been revealed and there are several design upgrades everywhere, which include the distinctive bonnet with a chromed fin and the Mercedes-Maybach radiator grille on the front. Then there is also the highly recognizable vertical, three-dimensional trim strips, and the Maybach logo, that is elegantly integrated into the chrome surround of the grille. There is also the equally distinctive bumper further emphasizes the vehicle’s width with the shape of its air inlets, whose black mesh is also optionally available in chrome.

Mercedes Maybach S-Class
You can either love or hate the two-tone gold-over-maroon paint job. But it certainly cannot be ignored.

Is it any different?

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class does differ from its brother models when viewed from the side: we can see the difference in the car’s rear doors and flowing, more upright C-pillars. According to the carmaker, in some countries, the brand’s logo is also illuminated. The side view is characterized by flush-fitted door handles and 19, 20, or 21-inch wheels specially designed and reserved for this model. The luxury saloon also has the two-section rear lights, borrowed from the new S-Class generation. Additional lights in the interior, as well as partly animated functions, also make the Mercedes-Maybach unmistakable at night. The model-specific rear bumper and exhaust tailpipes also lend uniqueness to the rear end.

Mercedes Maybach S-Class
From this, we believe that the 2021 Mercedes Maybach S-Class raises the bar for luxury sedans

What do you think about this paint scheme?

In a bid to reinforce the extraordinary hand-built impressions, the Mercedes Maybach S-Class comes with non-metallic, metallic, and designer paint finishes. The range of paintwork for the Mercedes-Maybach additionally includes two-tone finishes with a fine, hand-painted dividing line known as the pin-stripe (see “Under the microscope”). Everything aside, this two-tone gold-over-maroon paint job is something, that can either be liked or disliked. But it’s too difficult to ignore this unique paint job.

Additionally, on special request, the exclusive appearance of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class can be further enhanced by a two-tone paint finish with a dividing line. This is applied by hand according to the highest quality criteria. It can take up to one week before the vehicle is returned to the regular production process from the custom paint shop.

As far as the interior is concerned, this car won’t disappoint you.

What about comfort at the rear end?

Being a limousine, the new Mercedes Maybach S-class a long car, with a length that measures 5,469mm. The car also gets a 3,396mm long wheelbase. Speaking about the interiors and comfort, the Mercedes Maybach S-Class is equipped with a host of features like the second-gen MBUX infotainment system, 12.8-inch tablet-style OLED infotainment screen, another 12.3-inch 3D digital instrument display, and up to three more screens for rear-seat passengers.

If that’s too much of a virtual world with those screens for you, the S-Class also gets a host of practical comforts like wood and soft-touch finishes everywhere, the S-Class also gets an ‘Executive’ rear seats and a Chauffeur package as standard. For optimum comfort, the backrest of the Executive seats can also be reclined by 43.5 degrees, while the backrest of the front passenger seat can be tilted forward by 23 degrees. There are 253 LEDs inside the cabin, as a part of its active ambient lighting system. There is also a head-up display with AR tech and an optional Interior Assist function, which uses cameras to track the movements of the S-Class’s occupants and proactively use several features for an enhanced experience of the passenger.

Mercedes Maybach S-Class

What about power?

The 2021 Mercedes Maybach S-Class will get a host of powertrain options, which will be accompanied by a 48V ‘EQ Boost’ mild-hybrid system, all-wheel-drive powertrain, and a 9-speed automatic gearbox as standard. We expect the 2021 Maybach S-Class to be powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, that produces 496bhp of power and 699Nm of torque, but the 48-volt EQ-Boost starter-generator can add 21bhp and 249Nm of supplemental power and torque. On the safety front, the Maybach S-Class gets 18 airbags and a Pre-Safe Impulse side function along with Mercedes’s E-Active Body Control suspension. For the global markets, we also expect the Mercedes Maybach S-Class to ace Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities. However, we do not expect these autonomous aids to come in the India-spec model.