The name Apache has always been a staple at TVS, and the brand has always been proud of its lineage with the Apache name. So in 2017, when TVS introduced a new fully-faired motorcycle under the Apache brand name, it had to prove its true worthiness to the masses and retain the essence that TVS has. To everyone’s surprise, that is precisely what the Apache RR 310 did exceptionally well.

Over the past four years, the boffins at TVS have continuously tinkered with the RR 310 to make it a more able performer on the race track and out on the street. It has proven to be quite a capable package and helped many owners live their boyhood racer dreams. Now for 2021, TVS has taken things a step further and introduced an all-new vertical called ‘Built to order’ to further enhance the rider’s experience and allowing them to experience the RR 310’s racing pedigree.

RR 310 (4)

Now I must admit that compared to the previous BSVI model of the RR 310, nothing in terms of the mechanics has changed for the new model. It retains the 312cc 4-stroke single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, which produces a maximum of 33bhp and 27.3Nm of torque. So if it seems like TVS had made no changes to the motorcycle, that is where you are wrong. Surf through TVS’ build to order website and tick the boxes labelled Dynamic and Race kit, and you get your hands on a motorcycle that is a genuine race-bred machine.

Opting for the dynamic kit gets you a 20-way adjustable suspension set up to fine-tune the RR 310 as per your liking. Additionally, the race kit takes things a step further and allows the rider to fully commit to a racing stance. A race-inspired tuck down clip-on handlebars, raised position for the footpegs improve the overall ergonomics of the rider offering better control of the RR 310 while hammering around the race track.

RR 310 (3)

Hammering the RR 310 around a race track is precisely what I did when TVS invited us to test the motorcycle at the MMRT race track in Chennai. I must admit that the thought of going out on a race track for the first time ever was certainly nerve-racking, but kudos to the RR 310 for making me feel extremely comfortable on the track. During the first two laps, the motorcycle was set to its stock settings which did make attacking corners seem a little hesitant, but once it was tuned to its optimum setting, in my head, I felt just like all the Moto GP riders on the track (just a LOT slower). The adjustable suspension and race ergonomics did help me get in a proper stance to tackle the track, and it helped build my confidence as the laps passed by.

RR 310 (6)

Furthermore, the RR 310 was always quite capable in terms of the performance and handling of the motorcycle out on the road. But I understood its true potential out on the track. The 312cc motor has enough grunt to propel itself out of corners, the brakes provide incredible amounts of stopping power and the grip the Michelin ROAD5 tyres offer are phenomenal. What that does mean for the open road is that when you require to make a quick overtake, the bike offers quite a good amount of power to make those passes quickly without having to fiddle around the gears. As for the brakes, as a biker living in a country like India, having brakes that work as fast as your reaction times certainly make riding the bike a lot more enjoyable.

RR 310 (5)

Alright, now I know most of you must be pointing out the obvious fact that you do not have a race track laying around somewhere in your house, so everything I have said above makes no sense to you. But let me tell you that with the dynamic and race kit that TVS offers with the RR 310, you will always have the bragging rights that if you ever get to go on a race track, you can smoke all your buddies with your RR 310. But, if like the rest of the biker community, you do not dream of scraping your knees around corners or hitting those apexes, you can give these kits a miss and be content with the stock set-up the RR 310 offers, because quite honestly, that isn’t a bad base, to begin with.


Engine – 312cc 4-stroke single-cylinder liquid-cooled
Power – 33bhp (Sport/Track), 25bhp (Rain/Urban)
Torque – 27.3Nm (Sport/Track), 25Nm (Rain/Urban)
Gearbox – 6-Speed with slipper-clutch
Weight – 174 kilograms
Top Speed – 160km/h (Sport/Track), 125km/h (Urban/Rain)
Price – Rs 2.60 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi)

For – Track capabilities, power delivery
Against – Seat comfort