If you didn’t know, there are currently over 4.5 million units of the TVS Jupiter plying on Indian roads. So when TVS decided to revamp the scooter, they were certainly in for a monumental task. Well, it seems like the brand has taken its tagline ‘Jayda ka Faiyda’ quite literally, and the boffins at TVS have worked tirelessly to create this, the all-new 2021 TVS Jupiter 125. But that being said, the question lingers in all our minds, is more really better? Let me be the judge of that.

Engine on the TVS Jupiter 125

First things first, we have to address the new 124.8cc powertrain that powers the scooter. Oh, just to clarify, this engine isn’t the same as the one found in the Ntorq 125 or the Raider 125. This single-cylinder air-cooled 124.8cc on the Jupiter 125 produces 11bhp and 10.5Nm, and is designed to be lightweight, offer decent performance, be highly fuel-efficient, and be smooth and reliable. Furthermore, speaking about fuel efficiency, while we were testing the scooter, it indicated an average fuel economy of around 44 kilometres per litre which was quite a decent number bearing in mind that we were hammering the scooter around TVS’ test facility. In addition to further aid the fuel economy, TVS offers their intelliGO technology on this scooter, which shuts off the engine when stationary for more than 10 seconds.

In terms of performance, the Jupiter 125 is tuned for casual city riding more than outright acceleration. The mid-range acceleration on the Jupiter 125 feels particularly smooth and refined, with the scooter being able to cruise at 70km/h without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, the brakes on offer are incredibly satisfactory for a scooter this size and, along with the combined braking technology, offer a decent amount of bite and braking force. Something that impressed me was the front telescopic and rear three-step adjustable suspension on the Jupiter that is tuned to be perfectly balanced between stiff enough to slice to corners but supple enough to tackle rough patches of road.

Design and Tech of the Jupiter 125

Jupiter 3

Here is yet another place where TVS has spent a lot of their research and development to completely revamp the look of the Jupiter 125. Compared to its 110cc sibling, the Jupiter 125 has gotten some striking new design changes. First things first is this distinctive shade of orange that the scooter now adorns, along with a slew of chrome elements, such as two vertical chrome slats housing the indicators and DRLs. Next, move along to the rear of the scooter, and you will notice the redesigned taillight and other subtle design changes that make the Jupiter look apart from its other sibling.

Jupiter 5

The Jupiter 125 covers all the basics with the technology it offers. It has a semi-digital instrument cluster that offers all the essential data a rider might require. From your basic information such as your speed and fuel gauge and trip meter to more complex data such as your average fuel economy, distance to empty, low battery indicator, engine warning light and side stand indicator. It offers riders quite a lot of data they would require while riding the scooter.

Ergonomics of the Jupiter 125

Jupiter 8

The ergonomics of the Jupiter 110cc were quite capable, to begin with. Still, the engineers at TVS have gone a step further to improve the ergonomics on the Jupiter 125. The seat is extended by 65mm, making it larger and flatter, allowing the rider and pillion to sit comfortably. Furthermore, the footboard offers more space than before and also houses the front-mounted fuel tank underneath.

Jupiter 2

But the biggest party trick of the Jupiter 125 is a massive under-seat trunk which is now 32 litres and can easily store two full-size helmets under the seat. As before, the height of the handlebars is adequate enough for all kinds of riders. But now, with the large seat and floorboard, even tall riders such as myself can sit comfortably without my knees scraping on the front apron. Also, while making tight manoeuvres or U-turns, the handlebar doesn’t touch the knee as it does on many other scooters.


Jupiter 6

The Jupiter was always an extremely capable scooter, to begin with, and the numbers show just that. With this revamp, TVS has undoubtedly added a cherry on top to an already fantastic dessert by satisfying all the requirements a customer might have. The phrase ‘More is Better’ will work in their favour as, like me, future owners will surely appreciate the 124.8cc motor, the larger seat, more footboard space and more. To be honest, the approach TVS has taken to improve the Jupiter 125 is quite commendable. They have made just the right amount of changes to revamp the Jupiter without taking away its true essence. In my book, it is quite a remarkable job.


Engine – 124.8cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine
Power – 11bhp
Torque – 10.5bhp
Weight – 109 kilograms
Fuel Tank – 5 Litres

Price – Rs 73,400 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

For – Seat comfort, Storage space
Against Technology