Range is an essential word in life, and, in general, terms indicate the extent of one’s perception or powers, capacities, or possibilities. From one possible extreme to another, the difference between the highest and the lowest values in a set. How far you go in life depends on what range you have been pushing yourself and what upper band of range you have set your goals. And when buying an EV range is the focal point, it takes us all to go back to the old idiom “Kitna range deti hai “. The answer is 528 km WLTP range. Yes, you read that correctly; that’s what KIA EV6 gives strapped in a 77.4 kWh battery pack that delivers on a full charge. Did you just raise your eyebrow? Then let’s digest this also, it’s the World’s first multi charging set up with 400 V and 800-volt battery which can charge other EV vehicles and household appliances. It can charge itself completely from 0-100% in flat 18 minutes with the 350 kW dc fast charger and can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in 5.2 seconds. That we do not have a single 350 kW, DC fast charger in our country is a different story.

2022 KIA EV6-Design & Exterior

It looks stunner of a machine which has taken design inspiration from some of the gorgeous vehicles in the World – Aston Martin DBX from the rear, Ferrari Roma from the front but with a digital tiger nose. It sports the new KIA logo, and it’s called EV6, with later iterations being named 7,8,15 and have no idea what happened to 1-5, but EV6 is a fresh-looking beautiful machine which will make heads swing. It’s polarising, surely. Flushed door handles, and wheel arches on the 19 inch and with the side character lines merging with the taillights give it a rather distinct rear profile. There is a shark-fin antenna and a coupe-like shape also. The front bonnet has two solid character lines with a curvaceous flow to merge with the striking Led headlamps 6 LED DRL strips and the single-slat gloss-black grille. The windshield has an acoustic film, and the side door glass is roughly 4 mm thick, which helps soak some unwanted sound. The aerodynamic spoiler at the rear, apart from serving aesthetically, also improves airflow. It is a unique design, looks striking and personally, I loved it from the first blink.

2022 KIA EV6-Sustainable Inside!

The interiors look premium with softer seats and two digital screens, keeping it in vogue with the EV design language. There are two 12.3 inch screens, including the infotainment centre with a crisp display. One on the left is actually a curved display and touchscreen and looks damn good, truth be told. The icons are big, bold and use to tap on the go. Another unique thing is that you can record voice memos to record your wild thoughts or record conversations with your co-passenger, and if you love talking to yourself, then the EV6 has thought that up for you. Kia has used recycled PET bottles for various elements, including seat bolsters & steering wheel wrapping and the overall cabin experience looks very different and refreshing. Talking about steering, it just does not have any emotional connection and feels lifeless as compared to the AMGs and Ms of the World.

With plenty of USB charging slots and ample storage in the glove box, you can also just keep a mini handbag between the driver and co-passenger seat. The partition has been scooped out. Kia has changed the rules of the game by powering the EV6 with a vehicle to vehicle charging and vehicle to tech charging capabilities, and it’s a first!

It’s based on the EV- only skateboard architecture with a 2900m wheelbase and ample legroom for the rear passengers. With the battery pack located under the seats and with a flat floor – which means three folks can sit comfortably with acres of knee room, It’s just that you sit a little upright. The under-thigh support is missing, so on long drives, the hanging knees in the air can become uncomfortable. Also, there’s no space under the front seats for passengers to stick their toes under. Things change when you take the driving seat, with a high driving & commanding position and a very breathy cabin.

2022 KIA EV6-Tech, Driving & Regen

From advanced ADAS to the latest safety kit – eight airbags, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, and a huge head-up display stretches over a good portion of the driver’s view enhances the driving experience. You also get actual knobs for temp control and a haptic bar between them. The two aluminium based paddle shifters are actually not paddle shifters. The left toggle, when tapped 4 times [Four levels of regeneration on offer], activates the i-pedal, which activates the regen and brings the vehicle gradually to a complete stop when you get off the accelerator. I missed the Volvo XC40 recharge, which comes with one pedal driving freeing both the legs in the process unless you have to brake. It’s based on the new electric-global modular platform called E-GMP, has the same 800-volt charging architecture and largely the same hardware and drivetrain options which even the Hyundai Ionic5 is based on.

First up, Formula one track on a 44-degree temperature is not ideal for testing any EV, but Kia could not have taken these EV6 test mules on the road yet. Handling is mindblowing because of it being low slung and with a lower centre of gravity, the 19-inch tyres grip the roads, and even in tight cornering, you are in total control. The ready torque of 605 Nm with the word go and 320 bhp will shove you in the headrest, and the acceleration is quick and eager. I was mainly driving in dynamic mode with a smooth tarmac; you really can’t judge the handling and suspension, which looks to be on the stiffer side. It’s AWD, but the tail does wag out at corners, so its rear is where most of the action is. Body control is simply excellent and hardly felt any under or oversteer. It’s also a light car which makes it more agile; the precise weight is yet to be confirmed but would be under 2 tonnes. The car we had got had a brake pad issue and was asked not to push it to its limits to touch the top speed of 192 KM.

2022 KIA EV6-Verdict

Only 100 units on offer, and with a price tag of Rs 59.95 lakh for the GT Line and Rs 64.95 lakh for the GT Line AWD, its brushes shoulders with the BMW i4 and other germans in the IC category. But it’s a damn neat package, future proof and will be an exclusive club which will turn heads and get conversations started. I love it.

For – Stylish design, something fresh and EV like, Future tech-ready with Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle tech charging, Excellent handling and driving dynamics.
Against – Rear visibility, Ample legroom at the back seats but you sit a little upright; over long distances, it might be slightly uncomfortable