Did you think you were the only one trying to lose all the extra mass during this lockdown with your home workouts and diets? Well, automakers, too, are trying to make their creations as light as possible. All methods available in the automaker’s arsenal are being used to shed every last ounce of weight in the form of carbon passenger tubs to carbon fibre body panels. So it is evident that in the current era, a customer can actually spec a car that offers carbon fibre wheels instead of the standard alloy wheels (Mental innit!). Well, here are 9 cars that either come with these carbon fibre wheels as standard or can be selected as an option.


2016 BMW M4 GTS

Unlike the other pure carbon fibre wheels on this list, these actually are a carbon wheel rim surrounding the aluminium spokes. BMW claims that using this method, they can reduce nearly 7kgs of weight, increase the toughness, and reduce costs. But, speaking of costs, these (faux) carbon wheels will still cost Rs 11 lakhs! (BMW clearly misunderstands the concept of cost-saving).

488 Pista

2019 Ferrari 488 Pista

This track weapon from Ferrari can be opted with carbon fibre wheels which cost an eye-watering amount of Rs 14 lakhs. If that shocked you, let me also point out that quite a few owners have had their deliveries delayed because these wheels weren’t being manufactured quickly enough. But then again, if you can afford the Ferrari Pista, the carbon wheels might seem like an excellent option to have.


2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Placed an order for the SF90 but still have money in the bank? Why not tick the carbon fibre wheels box and write a check for Rs 40 lakhs to Ferrari? It is worth pointing out that Ferrari states that the wheels add to nearly 30kgs of weight saving over the standard SF90. Just what you need for your 1000bhp Ferrari, more weight savings!

Shelby GT500

2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

We now live in an era where even a Mustang can be optioned with carbon fibre wheels. Although this Mustang is the Shelby GT500 which in essence is a racecar for the road (No crowd ploughing jokes here). Also, at Rs 13.5 lakhs, the full Carbon Fibre Track Pack could make good monetary sense because there is a lot more kit like a carbon spoiler, stiffer suspension and more are included with the carbon wheels.

Agera RS

2015 Koenigsegg Agera RS

The ‘Aircore’ hollow carbon wheels apparently shed a massive 20kgs on the Agera RS. Looks like the Agera needs the gigantic rear wing to help it not just take off because of how lightweight it is. It is also worth mentioning that Mr Christian von Koenigsegg proudly points out the only metal component in the entire wheel is the tyre valve.


2015 Koenigsegg Regera

Let’s get this out there, this is Koenigsegg just showing off, really. Most carbon wheels are of a simple design with straight spokes because they’re rather tricky to assemble. The 1,479bhp Regera hybrid doesn’t do conventional though, hence its ‘one-speed’ transmission and split tri-spoke carbon wheels.

Senna MSO

2019 McLaren Senna MSO Carbon Theme

I would like to meet the person who looks at the McLaren Senna says it’s a heavy car. But hey, if you have (take deep breaths) Rs 3 crores extra to spend. McLaren Special Operations will replace all the body panels of the Senna for exposed carbon fibre panels instead. Also, they will include carbon wheels with spidery metal spokes, with each wheel weighing at just 7.5kg.

911 Turbo Exclusive Series

2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series

With an options list that can go on for days, Porsche has really perfected the options game. However, even in this case, first, you had to buy one of the ‘Exclusive Series’ limited editions complete with carbon panels and a tickle more power. Only then potential customers were offered the option of 20 per cent stiffer and 20 per cent lighter (8kg) braided carbon wheels.

Megane Trophy R

2020 Renault Megane Trophy R

A hot hatch with carbon wheels? Um, yea, you read that right. Get the Magane with the Nürburgring Record pack and Renault throws in ceramic brakes and carbon fibre wheels, saving 2kgs on each corner. FYI, you thinking of walking into your Renault dealership and getting the Magane Trophy R? How about you also keep a check for Rs 72 lakhs ready (excluding Indian taxes and import duty).