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Kia Sonet

Festivals – occasions that bring friends and families together, strengthening the bonds that we share with our loved ones and uniting the communities we live in. The reeling excitement in the air, the aura of traditions and the virtues of our heritage, all set in jointly to induce the sense of belonging, the connection with fellow humans and nature. It’s the bond that is created between individuals, it is the feeling, that yes we belong. For some, it’s a motivation and for many a sense of jolliness.

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Celebrations let more people meet each other, dig new types of music, discover new cuisines, spark new ideas and new kinds of love. The season brings more reasons to travel further with your friends and experience new places and destinations, trips that are brimming with the joy of travelling and fellowship. Travelling is on everyone’s mind, destinations are heartfully decorated and the roads open up, connecting the amusingly varied culture of ours. Such an exuberant time requires an exceptional companion, a soul that promises to keep us enticed whilst offering an ostentatious list of features. A vehicle that can retain this feeling of delight and jubilation throughout the year. 

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And what better comrade to have than the Kia Sonet, which with its flashy and bold design language and segment-leading creature comforts is sure to stir the excitement levels up. Right from the striking heart-shaped DRL, the signature tiger-nose grille surrounded by a 3D mesh chrome garnish, the powerful LED headlamps and the sporty red accents, every detail of the face allures you towards the Sonet. Road trips liven the excitement of celebrations and the joyus feeling is further accentuated by the Sonet’s pronounced shoulder line and attractive wheels, enhancements that are sure to turn heads as you travel the distance. And when the onlookers do turn heads, the tailgate will keep their gazes hooked on with the LEDs that match the design on the front and the sporty dual-tone bumper that’s finished in gloss black. The design of the Sonet amplifies the communal feeling, deepening the strengths that we have amongst our varied communities. 

Kia Sonet Car 2020 - Car Magazine Online

The Sonet is as beautifully finished as your favourite assortment of sweets; shimmery and wrapped with a sense of celebration. And matching your enthusiasm to open up your presents are those interiors on the Sonet; premium finished with a hint of luxury and opulence wherever you touch. The relishing is further amplified by the vibrant 10.25-inch touchscreen and with its connected features, your friends are sure to enjoy their time travelling. The bragging point has to be the Bose sound system which proves to orchestrate an immersive acoustic experience while the Sonet munches those miles. This, along with the customizable ambient mood lighting sets the right ambience for celebration, catching up and immersing into the surroundings as they pass on like a blur. Experiences that are so mesmerizing, you would never want to be left without them.

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(Image: BBC TopGear India)And these trips with your friends in the Sonet has treats for every spot, while the front passengers are offered ventilated seats the ones on the rear will certainly appreciate the good visibility all around and the spacious and supportive back seats. The electric sunroof filters in those natural elements of light while the air purifier with virus protection will certainly keep the cabin safe. Plenty of charging points to keep your devices topped up, perfect to keep them stories updated on social media. And that’s going to be plentiful, given how alluring and festive the ambience of the Sonet feels. 

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(Image: BBC TopGear India)

Travelling the distance requires a confident poise on our roads and that the Sonet has plentiful. The inbuilt navigation with e-SIM connectivity never lets you miss your next turn and the high ground clearance lets you tackle those offbeat trails that lead to the most picturesque view, a perfect setting to unwind yourself under the stars. The bonds with your friends are sure to strengthen in the wilderness of nature’s lap which offers a mystical and surreal experience. The suspension is plush on the highways and confidence-inspiring on broken asphalt, traits that are seldom found in vehicles today. To further boost your confidence are those drive and traction modes that help the Sonet conquer any obstacles, letting your expedition take you and your friends to places undiscovered, destinations that are heartwarming and exuberant. 

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And to make things better is the accommodating boot which takes up more of your belongings than expected, letting you travel with your hobby paraphernalia alongside. Sit back, loosen up, connect with your friends and not your phones, slow down your thoughts and take back in what nature has to offer – pure, unadulterated beauty. Traits that were found in abundance with the Kia Sonet. 

Kia Sonet - Car Magazine Online

The feeling of soaking in the surroundings and having a good laugh with your mates is a celebration of its own and it’s been made possible by the handsomely capable Kia Sonet. It’s hard to overstate the importance of friends, festivals, celebrations and road-tripping in our lives and the life of a community as a whole. Festivals motivate us to be better people and to share our joy with the world whilst exploring the open stretches of undiscovered lands. Of course, with an accomplished companion by our side, an ally that can be part of this feeling throughout the year. So don’t wait. Let’s just celebrate.