Advertisement feature: As easy as the alphabet – VW’s SUV plans

Advertisement feature: As easy as the alphabet - VW's SUV plans
(Image: Volkswagen India)

SUVs are certainly the flavour of the season, year and even decade! In fact, they’ve been ruling the roost for a while and are certainly here to stay. Buyers are preferring the body style to every other form of the automobile and it is no secret why – modern-day SUVs are stylishly designed, more practical and better suited to Indian driving conditions and can give modern-day cars a run for their money given the comfort they offer. And as one of the world’s biggest carmakers, Volkswagen has brought its own distinct flavour to the world of SUVs, calling them SUVW. Notice how the four alphabets fall into the exact alphabetical order? In fact, Volkswagen’s SUV strategy is as easy and straightforward as the order of the English alphabet!

Volkswagen’s SUV strategy - Topgear Magazine
Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace (Image: Volkswagen India)
The strategy comprises of making its SUVs that stand out with sleek exterior designs, premium interiors and an overall sense of classiness. Not to mention, the solid build quality that is a hallmark of Volkswagen’s German engineering. This packaging has proved to a winning formula and in fact, SUVs comprise over 40 percent of Volkswagen’s global product portfolio.
Volkswagen’s SUV strategy 2020 - Topgear Magazine
Volkswagen T-Roc (Image: Volkswagen India)
Now, a big reason behind Volkswagen’s phenomenal success is how intently it listens to the buyers’ needs and given the rising popularity and demand for SUVs, Volkswagen is bullish about the body style. VW remains a cut above its competition thanks to its’s clever product packaging means and a brilliant mix of engineering, performance, safety, comfort and elaborate equipment lists.