Advertisement Feature: Creation of the Stout-Hearted

Kia Sonet

“All good things are wild and free” – This Henry David Thoreau’s quote is the inspiration for an emerging community of artists and creators, simply because it depicts the significance of free will. These creators relate to the possibility of originality in art, a creed that is free of linear ideologies. Both unpredictability and spaciousness enhance creative performance. Consequently, combining these two attributes has been particularly inspiring and orchestrates as a medium for social changes.

But, how can the brave and carefree jeopardize the ordinary ways of functioning to create some of the most innovative and desirable creations that are both exclusive and unique? To answer that, we spoke to a few stout-hearted individuals who take pride in exclusivity and uniqueness, relating their experiences and ethics with the Sonet’s ‘wild by design’ depiction which is here to challenge the segment peers.

Graffiti Artist“You know what my first spray paint artwork was?” recollects NME as his keen eyes glance at the Kia Sonet. “It was a Tupac stencil artwork. I started graffiti in 2012 just for fun. It’s been eight years now and I have no idea how this fun activity converted to my profession. This is what it feels to follow your dreams; challenge the unconventional and break the stereotypes.”

It’s not just graffiti; he himself sports a handlebar mustache that brings out a face you wouldn’t forget! “I’ve been painting not just walls but also many other mediums and graffiti for me is all about how you express yourself.” quips NME.

“There are a few important things that I keep in mind. Comfort for me is very important; I need to be free and limitless in front of my canvas to unleash my ideas. The plush and comfortable ride quality emphasizes the importance of a smooth merger of my ideas and paint, the pliant suspension on the Kia Sonet lets me immerse in my visualization whilst driving through the city.


Graffiti is quite challenging and often you’d be required to work on the streets under the hot sun. I really like how the front ventilated seats on the Kia Sonet let me accustom and comfort myself to it’s beautiful interiors. Giving myself that much needed break on those exhausting days is just a push of a button away!

This massive 10-inch screen replicates my creative canvas and the vertical partition resembles how I split my canvas while I’m creating visuals. I’ve always believed the more abstract the art is, the better it is at appealing to the audience. This ideology reflects on the Sonet’s design lines as well. It’s beautifully sculpted with cuts and creases across the body and it sure is one striking thing to look at, just like my art.”

What’s NME’s take on the Kia Sonet? “I’m sure Kia would love to see my art work on the Sonet. What an absolutely stunning machine to unleash my creativity and design an absolutely phenomenal masterpiece”

DJ Omen
Music producer and Disc Jockey

Kia Sonet

Mumbai’s Homeboy aka DJ Omen has been playing at wholesome parties since the last seven years, performing at Asia’s biggest music festival Sunburn and Supersonic alongside the world’s top DJs. Since no praises do justice here, let’s just say DJ Omen knows a thing or two about creating and delivering the best beats through those speakers; music that the crowd just can’t get enough of!

“So it started right after my junior college, I was 17 back then. I was always passionate for music and not the best at academics so my parents willingly introduced me to DJing. My first act required me to play in front of 2000 people. It was a New Years’ party organized by a couple of my own friends and that day will always be super special. Till date that is one of my most cherished event as it was the first one and from there now I’ve performed with over 25,000 audiences dancing the night to my beats.

Celebrations and gatherings bring out a huge crowd together and the energy within them is massive. Getting such a huge crowd to groove to your music and immerse in that lifetime experience requires a good venue and even better equipments. I really adore the fact that the Sonet comes with a Bose premium sound system and there’s even a sub-woofer in the boot. Let’s me have a little jam of my own with my dearest friends while out on the road and I have to say, the audio quality is amazingly crisp, clear and enjoyable!

To aid to that immersive experience is the customisable ambient mood lighting that even syncs to my music. And then there are the genre specific mood light settings. It’s exactly how the biggest pubs would keep you submerged in the enthrilling experience while I play behind the console.

Choice is something we all love and I really like how the Sonet comes with a plethora of engine and transmission options. I got a chance to drive the 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine in the city and the performance was seriously enticing. Crisp controls and switches all around, well finished interiors and a very plush and rich interior setting. This genuinely feels like a premium vehicle with finishes from a few segments above.


Being a DJ I’m always upto date with the latest technology just like this iMT transmission – it makes driving so much easier and convenient while retaining the best of other gearboxes. Quite an interesting set up this!

Speaking of tech, I totally love the massive 10.23-inch touch screen that’s crisp and responsive – it’s the first thing that strikes the eye when you get inside. And then there’s the UVO connected technology that lets me fiddle around a few settings remotely via my phone. The excitement around the Sonet never seems to simmer down and that’s what keeps me charged up throughout.

As a performing artist at I’m often required to travel with my gear and equipment which aren’t the most compact. But that’s not a wprry, the accommodating boot of the Sonet is a boon when transferring my setup whilst seating a full house.

Cheers to more parties and cheers to the Sonet! Looking forward to hosting an exclusive event for the Sonet owners! I’m sure our vibes will match and they’ll enjoy my vibrant and energetic music.

Amey Acharya

Tattoo Artist

Kia SonetThere are canvases that can be redone and then there are those that are imprinted for life. We spoke to one such artist who has been inking people with their ideas and memories, bringing out the best visualisation and merger of ideologies with a concept as feeble as a faint memory yet the impression as strong as a permanent tattoo.

“For me tattooing is something so magical, where I, being a mortal, get to create something which is truly indestructible. Whoever I tattoo, it doesn’t matter wherever they go. The ultimate satisfaction is about these people who got tattooed by me, will always hold a part of my soul with them, no matter where they go.Kia SonetI am a professional tattoo artist and I have been into this sacred profession for almost seven years. It’s not just about tattoos, but a beautiful journey of commitment towards feelings and deep ideas of my clients. It’s a process where you work with people’s soul and not just with their skin and that is why I call it sacred. Every tattoo is a key to that person’s inner self, every tattoo tells you a story and beliefe and that’s what I create!

The Sonet has some very striking design elements and the attention to detail is sublime. These design elements really do dazzle me as my creations have the most intricate details that potray strong sentiments.

Kia SonetIt’s good to see how the designers at Kia have integrated the heartbeat DRL, it’s such a strong depiction of human emotion and the natural waveform. Even as a tattoo artist, the significance of heartbeart waveforms is just immense, every other customer wants to inscribe those iconic lines on their skin.

Good lighting is imperative for me to work on delicate pieces of art and the fact that the Sonet comes with vibrant LED lighting impresses me. Visibility out on the road is certainly taken good care of, making the driving experience very relaxing and soothing.

Kia Sonet

My instrument requires a steady control and good grip, just like how the flat-bottom steering wheel on the Sonet inspires me to unleash the powerful turbocharged petrol engine out on the road. Margin of error while inking someone is zero and you really need to be cautious. That caution is supplemented well by the front and rear parking sensors on the Sonet that really let me squeeze in this SUV into those tight spots with utmost care.

There’s nothing like clients being comfortable while getting inked and what aids to that experience is a well-lit studio, just like the comfortable and accomodating interiors of the Sonet. The seating comfort is excellent especially on the rear bench and the space on the inside is colossal. Ofcourse, nothing else could be more reassuring than the air purifier with integrated virus protection – it’s what the world needs at the moment, and the Sonet pioneers this technology. The materials are of top quality and the cabin is very alluring. I’d be really excited to see if my clients would be interested to get inked here. And honestly, I see no reason why.”