As Deniece Schofield once quoted, one should refrain from starting today with yesterday’s work. If you take a moment to ponder upon this thought, it fits perfectly with the maintenance of your beloved automobile. What’s the point of a last-minute job, when one can be prepared for the situation well beforehand? That’s exactly the thought behind Mercedes-Benz India’s long list of services pertaining to your peace of mind. The pride of having a three-pointed star in your garage has never been more pocket-friendly!

For starters, Mercedes-Benz India has several initiatives like the Star-Ease Service packages, Advance Assurance Extended warranty program and Mobilo 24×7 roadside assistance. All in a bid to make the customer feel satisfied. As it’s famously said, all things we hold dear come at a cost. So, what exactly do these packages and programs have to offer? First, the Star-Ease Maintenance Package – the prices for which start at approx Rs. 84200 for the C-Class (without tax) for the three-year package. It is a service with a defined maintenance cost and comes with a range of exclusive features. Moreover, customers choosing the STAR Ease Maintenance Packages pay a defined cost of maintenance based on the model, contract period and mileage. Plus, they get to enjoy exclusive features like priority handling, shorter waiting time and quicker processing. As a matter of fact, Star Ease also offers protections against price inflation.

Furthermore, the Star Ease packages are available in two categories – Compact and Compact Plus. While ‘Compact’ covers electronics check, replacement of engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, coolant, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter, and transmission filter, the latter includes replacement of brake discs, brake pads (front and rear), wiper blades along with wheel alignment and balancing. It really is the best or nothing with Mercedes-Benz. In addition to this, the Star Ease compact packages come without any mileage restriction. These maintenance packages also offer you the flexibility of purchase right from the time you purchase your beloved Star till you perform the 5th periodic maintenance on your car. The program can cover service costs from as little as 2 years going up to 10 years.

Just in case you forgot to buy a Maintenance Package before 5 years, don’t worry, Mercedes-Benz has it all covered! Get basic Engine Oil + Filter + a comprehensive check and washing done starting as low as 12,999 (excluding GST) for select models greater than 5 years, popularly called the “Value Service”. You can enjoy your Mercedes-Benz without any worries, thanks to the Advance Assurance Program. Brought to you by Daimler Financial Services India in collaboration with Reliance General Insurance India and ICICI Prudential, the extended warranty is valid on completion of the standard 3-year warranty.

You can choose to extend it for the 4th year or up to the 6th year. The Advance Assurance Program goes beyond your expectations to make owning your car truly exciting by offering the extension of warranty wherein warranty terms and conditions remain the same as standard warranty terms. Advance Assurance Extended warranty can be purchased any time before the standard warranty gets over. However, the prices of the package increase with the age of the car. Mercedes recommends purchasing Advance Assurance within the first 180 days of the ownership where customers can avail maximum benefits.

But, what if one misses to buy an Advance Assurance before the lapse of standard warranty? Don’t worry, Mercedes-Benz has got that sorted as well. Certified Assurance, the new break-in warranty can be bought once the standard 3-year warranty expires – provided some terms and conditions are fulfilled. This warranty program covers your Mercedes for the 4th and 5th year of operations. The program offers an array of services covering unexpected repairs at a price starting from as low as Rs 12,623 (conditions apply).

If all this has you convinced, perhaps one last ace up the sleeve should only sweeten the pot. Mercedes-Benz India also provides 24×7 mobility support under the Mobilo on-road assistance program. As most of us know, the roads can be unpredictable and it’s best to have a contingency plan for any regrettable and unforeseen event. It comes in two variants – Mobilo Lite and Mobilo Plus. As the name suggests, the ‘Lite’ version is complimentary for a year on completion of periodic maintenance service at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership. This service aids within 50 kilometres from the nearest dealership. In case of a breakdown, assistance will be provided by a trained dealership technician.

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The ‘Plus’ version, on the other hand, is available for up to 8 years, of which the first three years come free of cost and can be additionally purchased thereafter. Apart from that, it offers a comprehensive break-down assistance service including vehicle towing, taxi service, replacement vehicle and much more! Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?