Advertisement Feature: Nature Tales – Adventures of the Ultimate SUV

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It’s time to unwind in Nature's lap with your accomplished companion

Nature is one of the greatest blessings for human life and has always been an inspiration for numerous generations of creators and illustrators. Essentially, Nature is everything that surrounds us, like the rains we cherish, the air we breathe, the sun we soak in, the birds we hear chirping, the moon we gaze at and the lifeforms we share the planet with. Above all, it is rich and vibrant and consists of a hierarchy of lifeforms that are all remarkably stunning and splendid.

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We aspire for green cities around the globe—cities that are resilient, sustainable and liveable, societies that can coexist in perfect harmony with each other. Many times, we are tempted to venture out into the wild, to seek the purist environmental experience and indulge in the mystical stretches of untouched land that welcome us with lush green forests, carpets of colourful flowers, the music of the leaves rustling to the flowing wind with the occasional call of a wild animal in the far distance. The tales of the deep jungle are as adventurous as it gets and wandering into the unknown requires a companion that can comfort you with utmost ease, provide shelter when it rains and be the sachem when you cross rivers and mushy lands.

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This companion not only wears the responsibility to accompany you on your trails but also house you and your belongings in the plushest setting. Getting this snugness in unknown territories requires the confidence and virtue of a confident leader, traits that can be found in the all-new Hyundai Creta, which with its striking poise, sharp lights and bulging shoulder line gets the crown of the Alpha SUV.

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The Alpha SUV has the grunt to scare away all the other predators while the commanding seating position lets you get immersed in the beautiful landscapes all around. The high set SUV stance not only allows for a better view while negotiating tricky situations, it also boasts of a high ground clearance that helps cross boulders, rocks and streams while you make progress into the core of the jungle. Then there is the suspension set up that filters in just the truest moments of relishment as you get awashed with the tranquillity of the surroundings.

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The paths less taken are usually the ones most cherished as they offer an unadulterated sense of adventure and bring out the explorer in you. The Creta promises to be that perfect companion as you venture out, gripping the loose rut and mud as you make progress. Traction control ensures the SUV doesn’t lose composure and grants it a sure footedness as you look for the perfect setting for that quick pose to capture those other-worldly happenings. Just like any perfect companion, the Creta keeps an eye out on the vitals for you – the tyre pressure monitor, the AQI metre, the inbuilt compass that acts as the perfect navigator and even reads the specific location coordinates and altitude as well! All these features simply add to the usability of this Alpha SUV. The 10.25-inch infotainment system doubles up as your navigator and the inbuilt GPS with integrated sim connectivity never lets you miss the next turn!

Hyundai Creta Car 2020 - Topgear Magazine Online

Getting to the top of the majestic ranges isn’t a challenge for the Alpha SUV and neither is carrying your essentials along. Looking for the perfect view from your bedroom window? Fret not, with a boot space of 433 litres, the Creta can surely haul all your exploration needs and equipment. Pitching your tent next to the Alpha SUV feels reassuring in such wilderness, and with the wireless charging on offer along with USB ports that are fast-charging enabled, rest assured that your devices and cameras will always be juiced up.

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The endlessly mesmerizing views and the picturesque setting are further enjoyed by the massive panoramic sunroof featured on the Creta, which allows for natural elements to pass in and nourish our souls. The leather upholstery and the immense amount of cabin space lets you unwind from the usual chaos and the Bose stereo system lets you drown in your favourite tunes as you feast on some delicious grub. Experiencing the world from the top makes you realise just how beautiful, diverse and vast this universe is. You would surely come across the dense flora and fauna that spreads across the lush green lands, only to realise how integrally embedded we are in this natural setting. And the Alpha SUV looks equally majestic as your companion on these escapades, doesn’t it?

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These adventures with the Creta bring out the explorer in you, and these journeys ensure a revitalised mind and soul as you soak in the natural elements, far away from the chaos of the cityscapes. While we might not be able to bring back the beauty and enchantment of nature to our cities, we can surely call upon the Alpha SUV to be the perfect companion on our nature trails, stories that we can share with our friends, family and even social media! It is a beautiful world indeed, and it only gets better when you have the all-new Hyundai Creta on your side to cater to your adventurous innerself and be the perfect companion for the inquisitive you. Cheers to more adventures, cheers to the Alpha SUV!