Advertisement Feature: The Steadfast Companion

Hyundai Venue
Life is nothing short of a hustle in the urban jungle. Your ally awaits your next command!

Modern urban life – where everything is designed to be as fast as possible. From personal mobility to serving coffee to browsing the internet, everything requires the constant support of highly efficient and well-engineered machines. Machines that have been fine-tuned like an F1 car engine to provide maximum performance and built like a tank to keep you safe and protected whilst offering the most enticing technology on offer. Machines that accompany us whilst the busy hustle and offer to be the soothsayer with their dynamic attributes.

Hyundai Venue - Topgear Magazine

These vehicles for the fast-paced city life need much-skilled mannerisms up their sleeves to be the right companion. As you’re awakened by the chime of the alarm every morning, you’d love for the machine to automatically brew your cup of coffee your and the radio to play your favourite tunes for the perfect start of your day. Similarly, you’d want your associate to compliment the morning rush without being too arduous, right? Case in point being the Hyundai Venue – a present day vehicle designed for the millennials of the current times.

Hyundai Venue - Topgear Car Magazine

Your Venue can be pre-cooled to the right temperature to make the cabin welcoming even before you arrive. The tall and wide stance give it a sure-footed look as you head out to begin your day with utmost confidence. Those wide haunches and the prominent character line running through the side give it a very muscular stance; ready to take on the most challenging roads ahead. Further are those sporty all-black interiors that wear those subtle accents of red, inviting you to a thoroughly exhilarating experience. Afterall, your daily commute to the office does demand spirited driving and the Venue delivers just that.

Hyundai Venue  Interior- Topgear Car Magazine

It’s not just all show. The Venue packs in enough grunt to match those sporty looks. Powering the SUV is an engine that delivers class best figures and the turbocharged technology brings on that slight giggle every time you accelerate ahead. Cocooning you are those well-cushioned seats that sport red piping all around – you’d never want to be in anything else. These are the traits of your most trusted companion, just like how the energetic engine is coupled with a revolutionary smooth shifting transmission that keeps your left foot relaxed. A gearbox with the best of both worlds? How much more intelligent can the Venue get?


Hyundai Venue  Image- Topgear Car Magazine

Well, to further surprise you are the handling dynamics. The large and wide wheels offer immense grip and the Venue takes those bends and twisties with so much ease. To make this plush on the inside is the super composed and pliant suspension set up that irons out the undulations like a champion. Your ride is further aided by those stylish DRLs that compliment the tough looks which are further accentuated by the cascading grille that is both stylish and imposing. These pronounced looks merger well within the cityscapes and the Venue looks absolutely at ease while passing architecture marvels and large glasshouses. After all, your companion desires the most accolades as you pull into the office parking.

Hyundai Venue Car - Auto Magazine India

A mundane day at the office might tire you but your companion is ready for more thrills. Those striking rear lights invite you to the spacious cabin which is purified by the built-in air purifier, a must-have in the current times. Unwinding hasn’t been any more relaxing than letting the sunroof open to let in that fresh breeze. The crisp infotainment system with its high-resolution screen plays your favourite track while the steering mounted controls let you be your own DJ. And to cherish the ride is that chunky flat-bottom steering wheel which inspires you to drive further.

Hyundai Venue Car - Auto Magazine India

Whats more enticing is the space that the Venue offers on the inside. Your evening dates with your friends would be all the more enjoyable with comfortable seating for all and features to keep them pampered like the rear AC vents, USB charging, a central armrest with cup holders along with many others. Be it the front row of seats or the rear, the Venue’s cabin invites your peers to a very social setting that lets you indulge in never-ending conversation. And with these large glasshouses all around, including the sunroof, be sure of enough visual excitement being passed on from the world outside.

Hyundai Venue Look - Topgear Magazine India

Heading back home after such an eventful and exciting day could leave you exhausted, but as you drive along with the Venue its powerful beams of projector lights illuminate the road ahead to make the drive soothing and relaxing. The convenience of an iMT makes its presence felt at every signal and the smooth dynamics make it a breeze to operate. As you drive along, you’d usually be lost in a sea of thoughts recollecting memories of the day that went by and looking forward to more adventures that would come your way. As you reverse back neatly into the parking slot guided by the dynamic reversing assistance of the Venue, you’d only be thinking to yourself what you would have done without the company of such an amazing and efficient machine.

With these trail of happy thoughts, you head back home while the Venue awaits your next command. Yes, a perfect companion never gets washed out and while you prepare yourself for another drudging day, the Venue has already left a lasting mark on your day that went by. The bonds have nourished and will keep getting stronger, and that’s possible only with a partner worthy of your company.