The Hyundai Creta has been a market leader since its launch originally in 2015, with this ultimate SUV being the choice of lakhs of buyers for all the right reasons. Its typical SUV design, a mix of butch and modern, revolutionised the segment, offering a complete product that customers could rejoice. The choice of engines and transmission were destined to suit every buyer. Its feature list was among the best in class, which pampered occupants, irrespective of the seat they occupied inside. The dynamics and comfort made it the choice of young buyers and family SUV buyers, strengthening Creta’s presence in India’s heart and soul. It was, without a doubt, a segment leader. And the second generation Creta takes forward the legacy of the original dominant leader and carves it to perfection even better. Wondering how? It’s because the all-new Creta has the traits of a leader.

Creta 8

What makes a leader unprecedented from the rest? It’s their vision and courage. They dare to look different. The all-new Creta’s radical design makes it look a lot more premium – the unique design makes it look more like a scaled-down luxury SUV. With those futuristic trio-beam LED headlamps and a tri-element LED unit, the all-new Creta makes a confident poise for itself. The cascading grille gives it a composed look, and the front fascia wears a level-headed attitude, just like any leader would. The rear gives way to a sloping roofline, a unique styling character that makes it instantly recognisable. The shark-fin antenna, the integrated roof spoiler and the contemporary styled rear LED cluster are all designed to draw attention and awe – the unmistakable trait of a leader.

The all-new Creta gets a courageous heart, making it a suitable companion for those daily commutes and experiential, long-distance drives. The engine and gearbox options are suited to the broadest range of buyers. There’s a new diesel engine that is more efficient, one more petrol engine and a brand-new 1.4-litre 140bhp turbo-petrol engine that comes coupled with a seven-speed DCT, the kind of stuff that enthusiasts crave for. Identical to how a leader would adapt to the change in requirements, Creta’s powertrains offer a wide range of usability, making it highly flexible to adapt to the kind of drives you would want to indulge in.

Then there’s the athletic driving experience that’s entertaining and comforting. The wide track and excellent ground clearance let you take on the roads with assurance. Be it on the road or no road, there’s no stopping the all-new Creta, which comes with drive and traction modes to intercept the most challenging terrains. The flat-bottom sports steering wheel feels premium to grip and provides prodigious feedback when steering this futuristic SUV. Making things convenient are the steering mounted controls that make accessing the plethora of features on the all-new Creta a touch of a button!

Creta 4

The all-new Creta has many segment-first features like voice command, state of the art Auto Healthy Air Purifier to keep the cabin hygenic, voice-enabled smart panoramic sunroof to soak in the natural elements. These comfortable seats let you unwind and relax as the world is glanced by. While the front seats provide a commanding view of the road ahead, they also offer electric adjustments and ventilation to make things comfortable. And the rear bench offers utmost levels of luxury and comfort – you’ve got features like integrated sun blinds and a velvety soft touch pillow that make this an experience like none other.

Creta 7

Strong and effective communication is regarded as a crucial element of leadership. With its connected technology and in-car suite, the all-new Creta lets you access loads of features and information remotely. It’s up to date with the latest technology- giving it a clear edge over the others. Through the mobile app, you can pre-cool the cabin and obtain crucial data about the vehicle, ensuring peace of ownership and experience with the SUV. And above all, it listens and gives feedback via its Advanced Bluelink connected suite to assist you with your commands. These qualities are what it takes to be the segment leader as the all-new Creta is better in every department.  It displays confidence in the way it drives by being extremely surefooted and pliant. It maintains the posture of a leader – with that strong bulging hip, diamond-cut alloy wheels, sharp and prominent design lines and a sweptback design, and it sets trends that other vehicles are bound to follow. Because they see individualistic ideologies concur with the all-new Creta, solid and prominent individuals will opt for this ultimate SUV over the rest. It has all the traits of a leader – and that’s what makes it the choice of leaders