Aprilia redesigns SR 160 and SR 125 for India

Inspired by Moto GP racing siblings, Aprilia redesigns the SR series for India

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is the mantra Aprilia has taken with its facelifted SR 160 and SR 125. Parts like the BS6 engine, chassis, suspensions, wheels and many other things remain unchanged. What has changed is the way the SR series now dresses. 



The 125cc segment and recently even the 15cc have seen some good launches, and truth be told, most of them look alike. The Suzuki Avenis looks like the TVS NTorq, and then arguably the earlier Aprilia SR series felt like a member of the same family. Piaggio manages Aprilia in India, and the SR series of scooters were long waiting for an update since its launch in 2016. Let’s take a look at what has changed, and do these scooters make sense despite the increase in price for the newer models?


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What is apparent from the first look is how handsome these two scooters look. The styling, paint scheme, quality and looks make it sleeker and lightweight than its competition. Italians know their designs well, showing on the Aprilia SR series. We wish these changes were more than cosmetic, like an external fuel filling cap and similar creature comforts. Maybe next iteration, Aprilia?

First seen in the SXR 160, a new instrument cluster now makes its way to the SR family of scooters. This cluster is anything but clustered. A large landscape view is spaced well and adds a sense of modernness to the SR experience. There is loads of information available to the rider – Average fuel consumption, trip data, average speed, top speed achieved, battery voltage, time, fuel gauge and much more. Pay the dealer another rupees 2000, and you can add Bluetooth connectivity (Calls and SMS notifications) to the already detailed console. Both front and rear headlights get LED treatment while the turn indicators remain halogen bulbs. 

Race edition gets gold painted front brakes, red wheels, red suspension, and red highlights. Knuckles guards are a standard accessory on the race edition. Aprilia claims the tune on the race edition makes it more responsive than the standard variant, but most fellow reviewers barely noticed. The carbon variant comes with more carbon fibre elements than the standard version. A spoiler grabs rail and split looking one-piece seat are excellent visual trickery. Carbon fibre finish on the front tyre guard, instrument dash and heat shield are standard across all Aprilia SR series models. 



The calm yet speedy ride

The SR 160 and Sr 125 have matured in how they deliver power. The earlier SR series was quick off standstill and tapered their power delivery as revs built, but the new SR series, albeit slower off the start, maintained their power delivery higher up the rev range. This recent character change makes them excellent highway commuters, thus carrying higher sustained speeds. 

The 14-inch wheels with 120/70 section MRF zapper tyre offer good grip and maneuverability despite their size. Suspensions are tuned on the stiffer side and will make one notice every undulation on the road. Build up speed, and these undulations are ironed to quite an extent. Brakes are excellent and set a benchmark for scooters in their segment. The SR 160 comes equipped with single-channel ABS 220mm disc up front and 140mm rear drum brakes. The SR 125 gets CBS (combined braking system) with similar specs as the SR 160, excluding ABS. That said, both these scooters have 169mm of ground clearance, ample for Indian roads. 

Although these machines look identical from the outside, the SR160 seems more eager to produce power and accelerates just as quickly as the bass-heavy exhaust note. The SR 125 is smoother in comparison and feels like most other 125cc scooters in terms of refinement. That said, the SR125 is eager to pull upwards of 95 km/h on a highway, while triple-digit speeds are a breeze for the SR160. On paper, the SR 125 produces 9.92 PS of peak power with 9.7 Nm of peak torque, and the SR 160 has 11 PS of peak power and 11.6 Nm of peak torque, respectively. These scooters feel planted and are never shy to lean around a corner, even at high speeds. 

One thing to note is that these are lightweight scooters and tend to sway around in high wind currents. Aprilia SR series comes equipped with under-seat storage light, a USB type A charging point inside the storage, and comfortable legroom space. These are a welcome addition to a sports scooter but leave the buyer wanting more than its competitive offerings. Aprilia SR series breaks the monotony of similar-looking scooters with beautiful, lightweight designs and better high-speed sustainability with practical features for a sports commuter. Ex-showroom prices of rupees 1.08 lakhs for the SR 125 and 1.21 lakhs for the SR 160 make these scooters great value performance machines from Aprilia.