BBC Top Gear India Magazine Awards 2021 – Meet the WINNERS!

Its been one year since the birth of the Top Gear Magazine 2.0 and to celebrate we have the complied the best of what the automotive sector had to offer in 2020.

Compact SUV of the year

Let’s start with one of the hottest segment in the industry the compact SUV. Now there were quite a few nominations and the list was deep, but we had to give it to the most disruptive one of the lot. The magnetic Nissan Magnite. It just had to win thanks to its low price, attractive design and value for money.

Mid-size sedan of the year

Not everyone likes to follow the trend and buy an SUV. For the back seat buyers, it is more about ride comfort than ground clearance so a mid-size sedan makes perfect sense. And undoubtedly it had to be the car that has been the benchmark for the longest time. The all-new Honda City. Stylish, spacious and gets all the plush features you expected of a sedan.

Premium mid-size SUV of the year

Having an SUV in the top-selling list is no easy feat. But having a premium mid-size SUV in that list is saying a lot. Combining premiumness and practicality is the premium mid-size SUV of the year. the Hyundai Creta. The sales numbers and long waiting list are proof enough of how good a product it is. It is pretty much all the car you need. 

MPV of the year

For a big Indian family, an MPV is a perfect choice. This year, the award for the MPV of the year goes to the Kia Carnival. A massive plush and comfy MPV with enough space for an entire daily soap family. The Carnival is also high on features and the party piece is the seating. Multiple options, with a focus on one thing and one thing only – comfort. 

Full-size SUV of the year

Bigger is better. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Nothing beats the road presence of a full-size seven-seater SUV. And MG took the segment by storm with the Gloster. That is our full-size SUV of the year. The magnificent and massive MG Gloster. It has managed to gain the attention of the traditional buyers that go straight for the Fortuner and Endeavour and has proved its mettle as well. Loads of features, incredible road presence and a lot of comfort. 

Luxury mid-size SUV of the year

Who doesn’t want luxury in life? But does it mean you got to break the bank for it? Not really. The mid-size SUV segment is the perfect segment that allows you to get the best of both. Luxury and SUV. And in 2020 it was the BMW X1 that managed that to perfection. It had the right amount of badge value and practicality and the pricing was spot on as well. 

Luxury full-size SUV of the year

For the CEOs out there that like to seat high and tower above the rest. The luxury full-size SUV is your top bet. With opulence and space at its best. It is the Mercedes Benz GLS that takes the cake this year. It is big, high on tech and features almost everything you can name. It truly is the S-Class of SUVs. 

Performance car of the year

Now we are talking. This is a special one. The performance car of the year 2020 is something that sets your heart racing. Something that appeals to the heart more than the head. Something you thrive and dream about. In 2020, it was none other than the manic Audi RS 7. It is absolutely as bonkers as it looks and fully deserves this award. The gorgeous shape, opulent interior and no-nonsense performance helps it attain this crown. 

Performance SUV of the year

Alright, how can any segment be without an SUV variant? We also have the performance SUV of the year which did have a lot of prospective options. However. Crushing them all is the absolutely stunning Audi RS Q8. A record holder at the Nurburgring and with looks that grown on you as fast as it goes from 0-100kph. It is loud, it is big and it is every bit worth the money. The supercar of SUVs? It sure is. 

Engine of the year

Known as the heart of the car. The engine is by far the most important component in there. Have a good engine, and you have a good car. So the engine of the year award goes to Volkswagen’s 2.0 litre TSI. It does duties in a hoard of its models and even other brands and that is proof enough of how good it is. It is one of the most potent engines out there and one that can juice out every ounce of performance without breaking the bank. 

Design of the year

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so the design is absolutely crucial to the success of a car. Well this time, we just can’t ignore what has been the trending topic since it’s unveil. The award for the design of the year goes to the timeless Mahindra Thar. An SUV that has a rooted history and a fan-base big enough to shame movie stars. This time around, it has grown in size, capability and comfort as well. 

Connected tech of the year

A segment that is as new as the latest filter on Instagram. Connected tech is by far the most used feature in a car. The infotainment screen is something you interact with every day and the best one out there is the Mercedes Benz MBUX. Laden with features and user-friendly, the MBUX is by far the most intuitive infotainment systems out there. Thre is a long list of functionality it offers and the seamless integration is part of the reason it has won. 

Exhaust note of the year

For us, true petrol heads, the sound of an exhaust is as critical as the rest of the car. And there were thankfully enough options out there with some proper symphonies. However. When you have a Lamborghini in the mix, especially when it comes to the exhaust, everything else takes a back seat. The awards for the exhaust of the year goes to The blissful sounding Lamborghini Huracan EVO RWD. The naturally aspirated V10 sings its heart out making this the easiest segment to judge.