BBC Top Gear India Magazine Awards 2021 – Meet the WINNERS!

Two-wheeler of the year up to 160cc

Commuters aren’t the bare basic mundane bikes anymore. They are packed with style and features and the winner of this award has both in plenty. The Honda X-Blade takes this away as it blends in modern styling with a strong performance. The smooth engine and healthy fuel efficiency make it a worthy all-rounder and deserving of this award.

Two-wheeler of the year up to 250cc

The middleweights of the bike category. The 250cc segment is crowding up fast. You want a mix of touring and everyday practicality? You buy a 250. What takes this crown is the KTM Adventure 250. Take it on the highway, take it in the city, take it off the road completely, the KTM will go everywhere and not feel out of place. It is the balance that has allowed it to be the go-to choice in this segment.

Two-wheeler of the year up to 350cc

Bullet fans will be disappointed as the style and charm factor that is oh so important was with the Honda H’ness CB350. It is a Honda that we aren’t used to. But we definitely can get used to. It has the looks, the features and the promising reliability that comes with Honda. 

Two-wheeler of the year up to 1000cc

Sounds sexy, looks sexy and is bloody fast. The litre-class has always been a cut-throat segment but acing it this year is the Triumph Street Triple RS. the amount of fun you can have with it and still break necks on the street is amazing. Add to that the glorious-sounding three-cylinder engine and it is easy to see why it was a cakewalk for the Triumph.

Adventure motorcycle of the year

For the ones that take the long way home. Explore the unexplored and don’t mind to get their hands dirty. There has only been one favourite for a long long time. The Triumph Tiger rules the jungles and the 900 Rally Pro is by far the most potent one. Out there in the mud and muck it is the Tiger that is your best bet when you have to bushwhack through the worst terrain. It will go anywhere and everywhere. 

Scooter of the year

What crowds the streets of our city is the humble scooter. However, the winner of the scooter of the year is anything but subtle or humble. It is the mad-looking Aprilia SXR 160. It is the most unconventional scooter out there and just for its exclusivity, you will want one. The design turns as many heads as a sportscar and you will be interrupted plenty of times to answer everything around it. No other scooter has created such a buzz out on the roads for a long time.

Electric two-wheeler of the year

The future is here and the first step towards it is the winner of the electric two-wheeler of the year. The Ather 450X is miles ahead of the competition and has so much going for it. The design, ride, features are all in plenty. It has everything you want from a scooter without the extra costs of fuel and service. It is the next step towards future mobility and one that is currently the most sought after one. 

BMW R 18

Cruiser of the year

Loud, beautiful and iconic. The cruiser of the year is the gorgeous BMW R18. Based on the iconic 1936 R5, the R18 will take your breath away. Nothing else comes close when it comes to attention to detail and making you feel special. It is the daddy of cruisers. Yes, it is more special than the Rocket 3 as well. 

Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Motorcycle of the year

The big one for the saddle lovers out there is our motorcycle of the year. A strong and powerful list of competitors and only one trophy. A lot of them deserved the title, but only one seemed to resonate with the heart. The one that is available for all and still pulls on the hearts strings. A brand that is just growing by leaps and bounds with its every product. It looks great, it feels great and with modernity now, it is great. It is the Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

Hyundai Creta

Car of the year

Now the cream of the crop. The one that matters the most. The car of the year 2020. It has been quite a challenge to narrow down on one winner as there were so many fantastic options out there. We hacked our brains and after a lot of fights arguments and utter chaos. We managed to agree on one along with you the viewers who voted. It is a car that has made its place in the hearts of the audience and one that has received a tremendous response as well. It is none other than the super popular and beloved. Hyundai Creta.