As the year 2021 concludes, we look back and reminisce on our two-wheeled memories from this year. We’ve had some exciting motorcycles and made some fond memories with these machines. These motorcycles represent different styles and flavours of motorcycling, and we hope to give you a taste of what our past year has been like. Royal Enfield HimalayanTo begin with, let’s talk about the Royal Enfield Himalayan, an Indian made ADV that’s as rugged as the name suggests. The Himalayan is a motorcycle loved by people from various age groups and has created a cult following for itself in its relatively short existence. For 2021, this motorcycle saw a slight update to its features and added some much needed overall refinement to its already enjoyable recipe.

You can read the full story about the Royal Enfield Himalayan by clicking here.Retro Cruisers seem to be in fashion, and Honda’s CB350RS really outdresses its competition. Managing to merge vintage looks with a modern perspective, the CB350RS captivates you from the moment you look at its unique design and happens to be an enjoyable motorcycle to ride as well.

You can read the full story about the Honda CB350RS by clicking here.BMW is no stranger to making top-shelf enticing motorcycles, so you can imagine what a boon it was to ride the new F900R. It produces 103 bhp and a massive 92 Nm of torque out of its 895cc twin-cylinder motor. The F900R is sure to make your jaw drop with its beautiful TFT screen and handsome looks. This naked motorcycle is hard to miss.

You can read the full story about the BMW F900R by clicking here. Who here in India hasn’t heard the legend of the Suzuki Hayabusa? Most of us have probably grown up with wallpapers or posters of this motorcycle, and for the year 2021, this motorcycle came in an all-new yet familiar avatar. Armed with a 1340cc in-line four-cylinder motor, which churns out a hefty 190bhp of power and 150 Nm of torque. This cult classic motorcycle needs no introduction yet; if you find yourself curious, you can click here to read the full story about the Suzuki Hayabusa.Another edition to our oh so glorious year was the American manufacturers first crack at an ADV. The Harley Davidson Pan American 1250 is a butch yet comfortable motorcycle that successfully delivers a larger-than-life feel. Its 1252cc V-Twin is everything an adventure rider and a tourer can appreciate.

You can read the full story about the Harley Davidson Pan American by clicking here. Yet another poster child that was launched in the year 2021 is the Ducati Monster. This gorgeous Italian stallion saw a major overhaul with a completely new design, engine and frame. Packed with a whole host of new electronics and tech, the Monster is all set to eat up its competition.

You can read the full story about the Ducati Monster by clicking here. Ola made big waves when they announced that they’d be stepping into the two-wheeler game via the electric route. In 2021 we finally got our hands on the Ola S1 Pro and got to witness its insane 58 Nm of torque. This electric scooter is Ola’s first attempt at the Indian auto market; from its looks, their future seems bright.

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