We cannot imagine the year 2021 is about to pass. The world has been in pandemic mode for more than a year and a half. But, we know we shall overcome these challenges soon. As 2020 approached its end with easing lockdown, we contemplated 2021 with fresh perspective and hopes, But the easing of the lockdown has helped Covid-19 spread. Circumstances of another caution have emerged all around the globe. The automobile industry has faced another year of stagnation in its sales because of the second-wave lockdown and semi-conductor shortages. But, they adopted themselves and looked into the brighter side by launching new cars in the Indian market.

For us at Topgear, 2021 was a year with many challenges and inspirations. Lockdown has put us back into our homes, which is almost like a punishment. But Hey! Sometimes, such discipline is little necessary to obey for better humankind. The spread of Coronavirus was at its peak, and we were left with no other option than to stick to lockdown rules. Tough year, with a tough time, isn’t it? Well, not really. We drove some of the best machines and had a blast of good times, taking them around different places. We can’t live without doing what we do the best. But, of course, with all safety protocols.

‘We cannot control the time’, a wise man once said. And today, before we look up to an adventurous year ahead, we would like to share our best driving memories with some of the best machines we tested this year.


Mahindra Thar is one of the most popular jack-of-all-trades machines that we drove to the state of Rajasthan to explore the beautiful places. We crawled up some steep gradients of the hills of Jawai to witness the majestic sunset. It’s Thar, so its need to be driven in the dunes of Jaisalmer to test its 4×4 capabilities.To know more about the experience, click here.


Year-end (3)

The French are finally here! PSA group owned Citroen finally starts its journey in India by bringing its flagship SUV as a C5 Aircross. We drove the SUV to test whether it could rule the Indian roads. And oh boy! What a blissful experience it was. We wish to navigate this machine all day long. And yes, didn’t we tell you that C5 Aircross can make you addicted to comfort with style.To read our comprehensive road test review, please click here.

Magnificent MARCH

Year-end (4)

We are lucky enough that Team Topgear lived up to their dream to do something incredible. We made Blade’s Airbus ACH130 fly to the Hilton Shillim Retreat at Lonavla, whereas we drove iconic yellow Lamborghini Hurracan EVO up there. Going monstrous 630hp from Mumbai to Hilton Shillim Retreat for around 2 hours was a majestic experience in itself. For Editor Ramesh Somani, time was mind-blowingly fast in Hurracan EVO until he flew back to Mumbai in just 30 minutes on Airbus ACH130. Can you imagine any perfect day at work than this?Certainly not. Click here to watch the whole video.

 Amazing APRIL

Year-end (5)

The entry to the AMG range, the A35, might not be the fire breathing, a gnarly monster like some of its bigger siblings, but it is like a baby tiger that has just learnt to hunt. It packs in a punch, looks the part and is all the performance car you will need for everyday use. AMG badge on any Mercedes car resembles high performance with dynamic driving capabilities. Driving AMG A35 is a fantastic affair, to say the least.Click here to read the whole story on Mercedes AMG A35.

Mysterious MAY

Year-end (6)

Limousine for a reason. India was in a tragic situation as the cases of Covid-19 were at their peak. Safety was the priority check, and with the increase of 110mm of wheelbase, we could not ask for any better car than BMW 330li as there is enough distance between chauffeur and passenger.To read more on BMW 330Li, click here.

Just-so JUNE

Year-end (8)

We could not have asked for any safer car than the S-class, could we? Mercedes-Benz S-class needs no introduction. It is the pinnacle of luxury, comfort and style. Posh SUVs might be encroaching on its turf, but once again, the S-Class pushes boundaries with game-changing tech and even more refinement.Click here to read the full review.

Joyful JULY

Year-end (7)

Time to head to ITLAY, but wait, COVID is little here to spoil the show. But, Editor couldn’t resist his temptation to go out and gave himself a much-needed adrenaline kick by driving Ferrari Roma in the hills of Aamby Valley in Lonavala. The Ferrari Roma has a dual personality. On one side, it’s that obedient child who will do what you ask, rather silently, and on the other side, it’s that naughty teenager who can make all hue and cry and shoot off like a missile.So, why don’t you read the overall experience by clicking on the link here?


Year-end (9)

During the month of August, we were bombarded with new launches and feature reviews. On 14, August the Mahindra has showcased its flagship SUV- XUV700. And on the independence day, we were set to experience freedom like never before. Drove the XUV700 on the newest test track developed by Mahindra in Chennai. Celebrating a new era of engineering dynamics could get any better than XUV700.Click here to read a full review of the car.


Year-end (10)

Were you looking for an adventure ride? Well, We got you covered. Today, it’s no doubt why young buyers look for an active companion for their lifestyle. The 2021 Force Gurkha is another confusing dilemma for the adventure seeker. We took it on slushy terrain and tamed it on-road, and it came out to be an impressive experience altogether. With its rugged nature and off-road capabilities, we won’t mind testing its limits in the Himalayas soon.To read a complete story, click here.

Overloaded OCTOBER

Year-end (11)

October was yet another month where we were occupied with a slew of test launches. MG ASTOR was one such test launch that ticked all the essential boxes of style, exteriors, interiors, and powertrain. We got our hands behind the wheels of MG Astor at BIC India, and we came out impressed with the overall offering itself.Read our first-drive review here.

Noiseless NOVEMBER

Year-end (12)

Who’s stopping you from taking electric vehicles on mountain tops for the scenic spot. Ohh, it’s range anxiety. Well, wait no longer as a silent revolution is underway faster than you think. The Audi e-Tron GT marks its entry into the Indian market. The sound of a V10 will soon be hunkered down with a greener substitute. Audi e-Tron GT is one such revolution in that direction. It’s so fast yet so quiet when it accelerates 0-100kmph in 4.1 seconds.To read more about the car, click here.


Year-end (13)

There could not be any better way to end this year than pushing the limits of the Lamborghini Huracan STO. It is one such super-sport car that has been on the poster wall of petrol heads as their dream. With the Huracan, Lambos have stood on its own legacy and ruled the hearts of petrol-heads like a king as There will almost certainly be nothing else like it EVER in the future.Click here to watch the whole video, as the Editor gives a bid adieu to the Huracan, which it deserves.

Words by- Abhinav Seta