Luxury Mid-Size SUV of the Year

How do you make luxury feel more luxurious by adding more space, and who does it better than SUVs! So out of quite a tough choice, we had to give it to the Volvo XC60 for redesigning what we are to expect from this segment with the features and comfort it has to offer.

Luxury Sedan of the Year

Now the entry-level sedans set the bar pretty high, to begin with, so automotive manufacturers have to really put it all to impress the consumers in this segment. While the Germans did all they could to retain the crown, the Lexus ES 300h swopped up the award for the luxury sedan of the year.

Luxury EV Car of the Year

EVs are not only taking over the world, but now they are also taking over the luxury segment, and the Jaguar I-Pace has hit the home run by offering luxury and, more importantly, a fantastic range that most buyers in this segment would appreciate.

Luxury Car of the Year

How do you one-up both those previous categories? It takes someone up, over-the-box around the box, or even just out of the box thinking, and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class just aces luxury like no other, making it the rightful winner of this segment, luxury car of the year.

Two-Wheeler of the Year (up to 700cc)

The middleweight segment has always offered great versatility and has been an aspiration for most motorcycle enthusiasts. With that being said, the Triumph Trident 660 provides performance and usability without burning a hole in your pocket and hence was the winner of this category.

Two-Wheeler of the Year (up to 1000cc)

These are the poster child of each bike manufacturer; these either end up in your garage or as a poster on your wall! So for us, the Ducati Monster is a fitting winner in this category compared to its other nominations.