Turnaround Vehicle in the Indian Market

This vehicle, when launched, carried the entire company on its shoulders and solely retrieved the company from leaving the Indian Market. And the car in question here is the Nissan Magnite which proved to be a market favourite and has sold in huge numbers ever since it was first launched.

Automobile CEO of the Year

Being a CEO is no easy feat and is a position reserved only for the best of the best shaped by some hard decisions that shape the very structure of the automobile industry. This year’s Automobile CEO of the Year is Mr Shailesh Chandra from Tata Motors.

Editor’s Choice Manufacturer of the Year

Being an automobile manufacturer involves more than just building cars. Some might suggest that they shape the very lives and memories of that most people grow up with. One such manufacturer that’s constantly pushed the envelope and has earned the Editors’ Choice Manufacturer of the Year is Hyundai.

Editor’s Choice Two-Wheeler of the Year

Building a two-wheeler that can sustain itself in our rather harsh environments and streets is no easy feat, and one such manufacturer that never fails to amaze and is the Editor’s Choice Two-Wheeler of the Year is TVS with the Raider 125.

Motorcycle of the Year for 2022

Each year, each two-wheeler manufacturers battle it out to win this coveted award. Each brand focuses on pleasing customers by offering the best balance of performance, fuel efficiency, features, and affordability. Like every year, we had a tough time sorting out the best of the best in two-wheelers. However, we had to give it to the Royal Enfield Classic 350 for completely changing everyone’s perspective of the RE image. It retained its roots while revamping itself to please both the old skool customers and the new buyers.

Car of the Year for 2022

This is it, the moment you were all waiting for. With so many vehicles launched in India in 2021, our voters, jury members and even the editorial team spent a lot of sleepless nights trying to justify who should be the winner of this award. Finally, after a lot of coffee and discussions, we had to give this award to the Mahindra XUV 700 for just hitting the bullseye! From the price point to the engine and variant options, the XUV 700 caters to everyone’s needs while also standing out from the competition.

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