Not that the Bentley Bentayga needs more sprucing up, but if you could, you would. The claim of the largest wheel in the world surely goes to some rapper with 24-inchers on his low-slung Chevy Impala, but the largest carbon wheel? That’s a first.
Thanks to the renowned specialists Bucci Composites, the Bentayga now gets the option of 22-inch carbon wheels. Apart from the bragging rights, you also get 6kg of weight-saving per wheel, however, it will be a gain that owners would pr0bably never notice as the Bentayga tops the weight scale well over two tonnes.

Bentley Bentayga biggest wheelStill, it isn’t just a carbon wheel that is big on size. It also offers a vast range of benefits beyond the initial 6 kg improvement in unsprung mass per wheel. There is a fair amount of backing to that claim. The new carbon wheel has been subjected to the exceptionally rigorous TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverei – Technical Inspection Association) standards and is the first carbon wheel ever produced to pass all tests. The newly developed rim has undergone the most rigorous testing for non-metallic wheels according to the new TÜV standards including biaxial stress testing, radial and lateral impact testing for simulating potholes and cobblestones, tyre overpressure, and excessive torque tests exceeding the permitted limits.

Bentley Bentayga biggest wheelFor the handful of Bentayga owners in India or even the prospective ones, this means you no longer have to worry about the frequent pothole on our cobbled roads. The rim has been proved to take on harsh impacts and in comparison to a standard rim that would crack under high load, the carbon wheel will induce the equivalent of a puncture that will let out air gradually, instead of a blowout. And lastly, the final stamp of approval is just not possible without a Nurburgring seal and the wheel has been tested there too.

Bentley Bentayga biggest wheelThe wheel is been sold through Mulliner at Bentley and will be available in late 2021. It might seem like an extravagance, but when you are buying or already own a Bentayga, you are no stranger to that word.