BMW India has offered to help customers by extending the dealer warranty coverage and Service / Repair Inclusive packages up until 30th June 2021. Therefore, all BMW and MINI customers whose warranty and service/repair packages expire between 31st March 2021 and 29th June 2021 can benefit.

BMW offers three types of service inclusive packages – Oil Service Inclusive, Service Inclusive Basic and Service Inclusive Plus. The scope of services covered under each differs. Customers can pick any of the packages for the duration/mileage of their choice starting from 3 yrs / 40,000 kms and extendable up to 10 yrs / 200,000 kms.

As the name suggests, the oil service inclusive package only includes an oil change of the customer’s vehicle. On the other hand, the service inclusive package covers all regular maintenance work such as vehicle check and standard scopes, engine oil service, engine oil top-ups, service/replacement of air filter, fuel filter, microfilter, spark plugs, and brake fluid.

Service inclusive plus goes a step further and covers replacement of wear and tear items, brake pads, brake discs, wiper blades and clutch in addition to the parts as mentioned above. Existing customers can purchase these service packages for their current cars as well. But bear in mind that the package would begin from the date of purchase of the vehicle and not from the date of the package purchased.

An important aspect worth highlighting for the service inclusive package is that validity is over; customers still have up to 15 months to renew or extend the package by paying the differential amount. And BMW states that any part price or tax rate increase is not passed on to the customers during package run time. Also, in case of a change of ownership, these packages can be transferred to the new owner.

Mr Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India, said, “At BMW Group, we stand together – because that is our culture and a strong value system which has always stood the test of time. We have once again undertaken comprehensive measures to support our customers to ensure a hassle-free ownership experience of their BMW and MINI vehicles during this unprecedented time. With a network of dedicated dealer partners, expert teams and strong processes, we will make consistent efforts in ensuring complete peace of mind, both on and off the road.”

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