Electric cars are the talk-of-the-town, and why not? Look at our roads; they are filled with cars. Sooner or later, electric mobility is a beautiful reality. A step towards a sustainable electric future, BMW has launched the BMW iXDrive40 sports back iX iX, an all-electric dual-motor SUV in India. At first, I was intrigued at first glance of this car on an electronic display, but after witnessing it in person, this car tends to grow on you.

BMW iX (6)

At first glance, the iXDrive40 sports back iX noticeably a BMW, thanks to that prominent BMW split kidney grille front fascia. Unlike most of its competition, this grill is functional! The car has ample proportions, and the slimmest ever BMW laser headlights look rather beautiful. We hope these headlights come to all BMW cars. The hood has bold lines, and the overall design looks muscular yet accommodating. Talking about the car’s front, the prominent split fascia houses all the front cameras, radars, and more sensors, making it functional. BMW calls this Shy Tech, tech that cannot be seen. Adaptive BMW laser headlights claim to offer better visibility. BMW promises a sports pack on all the units sold in India, and thus Indian teams will get adaptive air curtains upfront. If that wasn’t enough, the split front nose also has solar self-healing ability for small stones or gravel scratches.

BMW iX (3)

Look at the iXDrive40 sports back iX from its side, and it looks significant. The rooflines taper down the boot while titanium bronze styling on the frameless windows, and the doors go upwards, meeting at the embossed iX logo on the C-pillar. Frameless door handles with clean sides make this car look clean both outside and suits its electric drive train. The most beautiful view is with the slimmest single-piece brake LEDs at its rear. That said, Shy Tech also makes the rear BMW logo double up as a washer for the rear cameras. The single-piece boot unit opens electronically with the touch of a button revealing its 500 litres of the lip-less boot area. The boot also houses a 12V socket, with a luggage hook and one-touch controls to drop rear seats in 40/20/40 split, increasing the boot space to a massive 1750 litres. Under the boot, there is some additional space to store your charger, cables, and net installation to secure the area between the front two rows.

BMW iX (5)

BMW will offer the iXDrive40 sports back iX in standard colours and a unique Red metallic finish with bronze highlights and unique interiors. Sitting inside the driver cabin makes you feel like sitting in an exclusive custom-made production vehicle with crystal designed seat controls, central control units, crystalised volume rotor and crystalised drive selector. The hexagonal leather-clad steering with two spokes full of driver controls makes adjusting settings on the driver console and central infotainment system easier. That said, this car comes with the largest 14.9” floating display that houses a touch infotainment system display on the left and a driver console behind the steering unit. The entire cabin is cladded with leather polished by natural olive leaves and loads of soft cushioned fabric finish. A button for opening, operating door handle controls and thick doors, with ergonomically placed handles, make this cabin feel ready to age in future. BMW ConnectedDrive brings loads of driver aids like heads up display, gesture and voice controls, high-resolution 360-degree cameras, wireless charging with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Shy tech is also seen in the Harmon Kardon speakers integrated into all passenger seats and places one would never expect. There are tonnes of customisations supported in the UI and drive modes to customise the car to its driver needs and park assist.

Instead of the traditionally covered sun-roof, the iXDrive40 sports back iX gets a BMW sky lounge panorama glass roof. The massive glass sunroof can go from transparent to opaque with the touch of a button. By default, locking the car will also turn the sunroof opaque. Powered by a 76.6kWh battery pack and 5th gen dual motors, propel this mammoth from 0-100km/h in just 6.1 secs. Claimed output numbers suggest a BMW iXDrive 40 configuration that produces 326HP and 450Nm of power and torque figures. The claimed range is 425+Kms. Primarily a rear-wheel-drive car, the iX also switched to an all-wheel-drive performance-driven. Rear steering makes this mammoth turn easier on its feet. The car supports several types of charging portals.

BMW charger

Up to 11kW AC and 150kW DC charging is supported. That said, the BMW wallbox will come as standard capable of charging your iX and future vehicles that support up to 22kW charging. The iX takes about 11 hours on 11kW charging and up to 40 mins on a 150kW DC charger to go from 0-80% charge.

BMW rear

BMW plans to support an extensive charging network in 35 cities across all dealer networks and add more in time. This car is a proper SUV with mammoth proportions and a new BMW design language, one we approve. Those sleek headlights, taillights, ample space inside the flatbed cabin, new electric sunroof glass and tons of tech, contemporary interiors, and so much more make this car an example of things to expect from BMW. BMW promises to launch two other electric vehicles before the first half of 2022 and convert the entire Mini line-up to be all-electric. BMW is all set to change their cars, and if the iX is their first of the lot, things look promising for the company. We loved the iX as a package and can’t wait to drive this happy-feet mammoth full of tech and luxury.