While travelling to the hometown of Lamborghini in Italy, you certainly are going to hope to spot at least one of these raging bulls out in the open. But what if I tell you that if you look closely at the runway of Bologna airport just after you land. You might spot a Lamborghini Huracán EVO, on the runway as it acts as a ‘Follow Me’ car guiding in passenger planes.

Huracán EVO
Move over slow luggage carts and fuel tankers. A Bull has entered the ring.

Actually, Bologna Airport has been using the Huracán as a guidance vehicle for passenger planes since 2019. For this seventh term, they had to replace the Huracán with its successor. The Huracán Evo.

Huracan EVO (2)
Flying business class on the jet or riding shotgun in the Lamborghini Huracán EVO? What would your choice be?

I suppose you go and ask around. I doubt if any of the ground staff at the airport would complain about the naturally-aspirated 5.2-litre V10, which produces 631bhp and 599Nm, making too much noise. Just FYI, the Huracán EVO does the 0-100 km/h stint in 2.9 seconds, fast enough to race the planes it guides.

Huracan Evo (4)
With a view like this, I certainly wouldn’t mind the long transfer times between airports.

Also, it is pretty apparent that Lamborghini wouldn’t just hand over a bone stock Huracán EVO to the Bologna airport, and it shows. Lambo’s Centro Stile department has decked out the Evo in a matte green livery. There are also these bright orange accents, flashing warning lights and a ‘Follow me in Our Beautiful Italy’ message to catch the passengers’ attention on the plane. But, again, it’s not like anyone would miss it in the first place!!

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