Lightened, raw, and authentic. With this all-new technological concept of the Bolide Bugatti, the french luxury car manufacturer presents its answer to the question: “what would happen if Bugatti developed a radically light vehicle around the iconic 8.0-litre W16 engine?” The Bolide Bugatti is an extreme, uncompromising, fastest and the lightest vehicle concept in recent company history.

Wonder why we emphasize so much on the lighter part? Well, a decent power-to-weight ratio for an average car, is expected to be close to 2.26kg per horsepower. Yes, this ratio does get aggressive when we speak about a track-car. However, there is a difference between aggressive and an unimaginable power-to-weight ratio of 0.67 kg per horsepower in Bugatti Bolide.

Bugatti Bolide: The New 1,825bhp Track Hyper-Prototype
The prototype’s 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16 engine can pump out 1,825 horses and 1,364 ft-lbs of wheel spin.

Where does this power come from?

It is the combination of a W16 engine and a weight of only 1,240kg. This allows the Bolide Bugatti to almost achieve Formula 1 values, with the top speed above 500 kmph- without the vehicle losing its maximum handling and agility. As per Bugatti, to go around the Le Mans circuit, the Bolide takes just 3min 07s, and for the Nordschleife, 5min 23s.

“For the first time, we are showing what the W16 engine is really capable of,” CEO Stephan Winkelmann said in a statement. “We have freed the vehicle of all baggage and have illustrated and combined the engine with the lightest possible chassis to create the ultimate Bugatti and to ensure the ultimate driving experience. With the Bolide, we are presenting our interpretation of a Bugatti track car of modern times to Bugatti enthusiasts all over the world and finally, make their most fervent wishes come true.”

Bugatti Bolide - Topgear Magazine
The Bugatti Bolide comes mated to a 7-speed DSG and comes with a 60% carbon-fibre body paired with an all-wheel drive.

How is it so light?

All of the Bolide’s screwing and connecting elements were completely made of titanium. In many places, thin-walled hollow functional components composed of titanium alloy, as used in aeronautics and aerospace, made with a 3D printer have been used. Their extremely thin walls of less than 0.5 millimetres, are nevertheless very robust and have a tensile strength of 1250 N / mm2.

All around the powertrain, the Bugatti team has developed a lightweight carbon monocoque. The integral front section flanged to it is made, like the underbody with total aerodynamic effect and the monocoque itself, of very high resistance carbon fibres. The tensile strength of these materials is equivalent to aeronautical levels, which is impressive.

Bugatti Bolide - Topgear Magazine India
Surprisingly, it has not yet been decided whether the Bolide Bugatti will be mass-produced or not.

The result – a thoroughbred of our time adapting to the circuits

The Bolide Bugatti is the technical concept of an unrivalled hypersport, suitable for circuit racing. The combination of the power of 1850bhp and a dry weight of 1240kgs, which gives it an incredibly specific power. Also, the Bolide houses, with the W16 engine, the ultimate combustion engine in the automotive industry. However, this is still a prototype. And the possibility of is being mass-produced seems to be minuscule. And although Bugatti claims to use all these technological advancements in the future projects, what we can see ahead is, just more wait to see a perfect track-ready hyper machine that flys when you hit the throttle.