Harley-Davidson Pan America

Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Special | Cousin Muscles | First Ride Review

The Pan America 1250 Special is a big step for Harley-Davidson. Question is, how have the Americans fared with their first attempt at an ADV?

MG Astor – First Impressions Review

Off lately, the usual trend is for petrol-powered cars to turn into EVs. We saw it with the Nexon EV and with the Tigor EV as well, and globally,...
iQube 1

TVS iQube | Battery Power | First Ride Review

TVS is known to make some incredible motorcycles and scooters such as the Apache, Jupiter and Zest. So you can imagine the surprise I must have had when news...
TVS Raider

TVS Raider 125 | Sporty Credentials | First Ride Review

What’s the perfect formula to blend commuter and sporty together? Well, TVS might just have an answer.
Gurkha 2

2021 Force Gurkha | First Drive Review

Did you know that the Gurkha name was first used by Force Motors in 1997 when they created an all-terrain off-roader for military use? Then in 2005, it was...

2021 Audi RS 5 Sportback | Lean and Mean | First Drive Review |

I crouched and groaned as I crammed myself inside the new Audi RS 5 and immediately heaved a sigh of relief once I was in. After what felt like...

Hyundai i20 N Line | Across The Line | First Drive Review

Since the images and videos about the i20 N Line have surfaced on the web, there has been only one question that has everyone baffled-How much of it is...
Tata Tigor EV

Progress To Electric | Tata Tigor EV First Drive Review

Talk about electric vehicles, and the first question that springs to mind is ‘how far can you actually take it?’ Trust me, the lesser things we commit to, the...
NTorq Race XP (1)

TVS Ntorq 125 Race XP | Racer’s Edge | First Ride Review

When one thinks of scooters, the first thought that pops in one's head are the scooters used by mothers to drop their kids to school in, or even perhaps...
Apache RR 310 (1)

2021 TVS Apache RR 310 | Race Bred | First Ride Review

The name Apache has always been a staple at TVS, and the brand has always been proud of its lineage with the Apache name. So in 2017, when TVS...