2021 Tata Altroz i-Turbo | First Drive Review | BBC TopGear India

The Tata Altroz was always missing one crucial ingredient. A potent and powerful petrol engine. That is now fixed with the introduction of the Altroz i-Turbo. The i-Turbo gets...
Tata Altroz turbo

Better Late Than Never | 2021 Tata Altroz I-Turbo First Drive Review

Not too long after it’s launch and success, Tata has updated the Altroz and tried to fix what was arguably the biggest flaw. The petrol engine, or rather the...
Toyota Urban Cruiser

Choose to Cruise | Toyota Urban Cruiser First Drive Review

Toyota is a brand that has made its bones by manufacturing some of the best SUVs in the world. The Land Cruiser, the Prado, the Fortuner have all attained...

2021 BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine First Drive Review | Ace of Space

It sounds wrong in the beginning. More so, if you are a true petrol-head. The words ‘3 Series’ and ‘limousine’ don’t really go well together. Yet, BMW has introduced...
Volvo S60

Swede and Spicy – Volvo S60 First Drive Review

Volvo as a brand has always amused me. It is not a flamboyant German brand yet it competes with the holy German trio of Mercedes, Audi, and BMW on...
Audi A4

2021 Audi A4 First Drive Review | Subtle Shuttle

Our affection for SUVs is unparalleled and yet, the first car to be out in the year 2021 is a sedan. Audi has got the ball rolling with the...
Skoda Octavia RS 245

Hit that vRS button – Skoda Octavia RS 245 First Impressions

The most powerful and focused Octavia to hit our roads – the RS 245, organized to unleash on an open airstrip. Additional bonus was a cone setup to showcase...

BMW X3M vs Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe | Battle of the brutes

There was a time when an ‘M vs AMG’ comparison meant going out days before the shoot and scouting for a smooth road devoid of bumps and potholes. A...
Hyundai Kona EV

Kill That Range Anxiety I Hyundai Kona Electric

Since the day that Hyundai’s Kona Electric joined the TG Garage about two months ago, I've wanted to poke around it. Electric vehicles, huh? There was a time when...

BMW M8 First Drive Review | The Wild Child

When you get a car like the first-ever M8 Coupe, for a couple of days, what do you do? You plan a short trip. Hence we zeroed in on...