Ever since Royal Enfield first took the wraps off the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650, motorcyclists across the globe have been salivating over the idea of a RE Himalayan 650. Time and again, rumours have taken over the town that RE is indeed developing a Himalayan with a 650cc parallel-twin heart pumping the affairs. Years have gone by since the 650 twins took over the world but there’s still isn’t any ‘official’ word from RE that a Himalayan 650 is in the works.

While most of us are patiently waiting for a Himalayan 650 to roll out from RE’s factory, UK-based Cooperb Motorcycles have lunged forward to build their own iteration of a ‘Himalayan 650’. Since they have christened it as Interlayan 650, we aren’t offering any brownie points for guessing the motorcycle it is based on!

The stock Interceptor is miles away from being a middleweight Himalayan so the end product that we have here, is a result of an extensive makeover. The front end is eerily reminiscent of the stock Himalayan as it gets a new headlight coupled with a smoked windscreen. To pass the ADV test, folks over at Cooperb Motorcycles have also bestowed it with a secondary beak and knuckle guards.

The Interceptor 650 might be a potent mile-muncher but an able trail-basher? Not so much. Revisions had to be done in order to lend the ‘Interlayan 650’ some off-road credentials. So it rides on a new suspension setup that offers more travel than the stock springs of the Interceptor 650. Also seen here are new spoked wheels and Himalayan’s fuel tank as well. To carry forward Himalayan’s legacy when it comes to overall aesthetics, it has also retained Himalayan’s signature exoskeleton. The wizards at Cooperb Motorcycles must have thought that if Yezdi can do it, so can we!

The chassis and the 648cc air-cooled and fuel-injected powerplant have been retained from the stock Interceptor 650. Since this build utilizes a two-in-one exhaust setup with an aftermarket end can, it would be interesting if Cooperb Motorcycles reveal the exact performance figures.

The dream of having a bigger, more powerful Himalayan is soon going to transform into a reality because word on the street is that RE is developing a highly-potent Himalayan 450. Nevertheless, it looks like for the time being, we will have to feast our eyes on the Interlayan 650.