We drove the Audi e-Tron GT, 2022 Volvo XC60, Facelifted Audi Q5, Mini Cooper S, Mercedes AMGWe have still not digested 2021 completely, and 2022 is just here in a little over a month. With skies opening up and the economy gearing up to rev into full throttle, expect firecrackers ahead. GLE63 S Coupe all in the luxury space, sales of which peak either in December or January. This month makes the car a year older or a year new in terms of resale value, and you can extract the last pound of flesh with huge discounts from the dealers in any December month.

We drove to Indore, which is now on the radar of auto enthusiasts, courtesy of NATRAX, which has Asias’ longest high-speed race track. We took the just launched 4 litres, V8 Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S Coupe and got it to touch 295 km [Top speed is 300 km]. It has a speed limiter of 280 but the speedometer for safety is always tuned with a delta margin of 5-15 km. But the really exciting part was taking a regular, rather affordable sedan to a high-speed track and aiming for the Top Speed for which we picked 2021 Honda City petrol for the job. Its Inline 4 Cylinder i-VTEC engine with a six-speed manual transmission, with 6 forward speed ratios, is one of the best engines in the `11-15 lakh price band. With a Top Speed of 220 km, I touched 208 km/hr in the needle and for some reason, this was a more exhilarating experience than the 295 km with the Mercedes. Also the fact that AMG machines are built for TopSpeeds and tracks but Honda City is meant for city driving and to do something that’s not meant for it, is always exciting.

The Mild Hybrid petrol – Volvo XC60 replaces the diesel powertrain and is a step towards total electrification by 2030. The best part is front row massage seats, which do offer loads of comfort and a list of other safety features to keep you safe, yet it stays understated at the same time. From Fully electric and fast Audi e-Tron GT through the mad AMG GLE63 S to the Mild hybrid XC60 , it was an interesting month and until the next one – Stay buckled up always!