Mercedes AMGs are wild but there’s one particular tuning house that has been turning AMGs even more sinister than they already are, for ages! The case in consideration here is of Brabus. December 2021 saw Brabus announcing a rather intriguing tie-up with KTM to develop its first-ever motorcycle. Brabus took the in-your-face 1290 Super Duke EVO as a base motorcycle, lent the KTM a radical makeover and has now rolled out the Brabus 1300 R!

Aesthetics is where Brabus has completely turned things around. While the Super Duke EVO is an obsidian knife, the Brabus 1300 R looks more rounded and civilized. The front end features a Brabus-branded version of the circular headlight from Husqvarna’s Vitpilen.

At either side of the oh-so-brawny fuel tank, carbon-fibre air vents are hard to miss. Brabus-only twin exhaust mufflers with a black ceramic-coated finish is the major highlight of its side profile. The rear profile is as minimalistic as it can get. You can read that as ‘animalistic’ too because just look at that peach!

Although we were expecting Brabus to infuse the same wizardry in the engine department that we have come to associate the brand with its souped-up AMGs, Brabus has left the mechanicals virtually untouched. It is powered by the same manic V-Twin powerhouse that has made the Super Duke a force to reckon with. Performance figures are quite identical too, with the Brabus 1300 R putting down 178bhp and 140nm.

The frame is also lifted straight from the Super Duke but with a carbon-fibre seat unit similar to that used on the Super Duke RR. With its 205kg weight, the Brabus 1300 R finds itself slotted right in the middle of the 210kg Evo and the 200kg RR. The Ruhr-based tuner has also bolted on a WP Apex semi-active suspension system with six dedicated damping modes: Comfort, Street, Sport, Track, Advanced or Auto.

Brabus might not have tinkered around with the mechanicals but it has made sure to include some signature bits to mark the difference between this exclusivity and the maniacal bike it is based upon. The ‘Monoblock Z’ nine-spoke wheels are a part of the package which will remind you of many of the firm’s cars. Other exclusive to the Brabus 1300 R bits include CNC-machined Brabus-branded Gilles footpegs and a special start-up screen on the KTM-sourced TFT screen.

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If you want to break your bank and own one, you ought to be quick on your feet. Brabus has stated that only 154c units of the 1300 R will see the light of the day with 77 in each of the colour options of Magma Red or Signature Black. Why 77, you might ask. That is because Brabus was born in 1977. Here’s hoping that we get to see some more two-wheeled madness from the house of Brabus.