Finally, we made it to the last month of 2021. Suppose you put yourself in reverse gear and drive back towards the beginning of the year; things were different as it looked gloomy with an unpredictable future. Sure we are looking hard at Omicron before it shifts gears and puts all of us back in the lockdown valley. They say “once bitten twice shy,” and that’s why the word omicron is now the most dreaded word which is understood well in every spoken and written language in the world. That is the evil power of a deadly virus that has dubious consequences & acceleration faster than the Bugatti Chiron super sport. The most significant disruption Covid has made to our automotive industry is the semiconductor bottlenecks that have slammed down the growth of every manufacturer globally. Walk into any showroom, and there is a waiting period even for the worst-selling cars. My friends and associates often nudge me to pull my strings to get them a faster delivery. No one is asking for discounts as if it’s a despicable word but just delivery. The wait for the “waiting period’ to disappear is itself on a long wait, and the best-case scenario would be the second half of 2022.

History repeats itself. Did you know that 111 years ago, electric cars were the rage but suffered the same malaise that we have today regarding range anxiety. Still, they are more expensive than their internal combustion counterparts. They were also awkward to charge earlier, but the literal electrical thrill of motivated electrons kept them working on the batteries and the tech. One such man was the famous inventor & genius Thomas Alva Edison, who set out on a 1000 mile drive on an electric car to prove the worthiness of battery power. It has taken us over 100+ years, yet we are halfway there to go on a 1000 km electric drive on a single charge. But indeed, we are charging fast, and soon we will have batteries with a 1000+ km range.

Owing to the recent obsession and the Indian buyer’s inclination towards SUVs, we have narrowed our thoughts about the family haulers like the Mahindra XUV700 , Tata Safari and the Hyundai Alcazar, giving an in-depth insight over the characteristics they pertain. Also, for the newly born segment of micro-SUVs, we test the Tata Punch, Nissan Magnite and the Renault Kiger. Choose your new year resolution wisely with this platter, as they all bring different elements to your taste buds.