The month of April 2021 saw an estimated 30% decline in sales from the Indian automobile industry, two-wheelers included. After a great bull run which started on September 20, it was all set to pick up more speed when the huge speed breakers in the formless shape of the second wave braked their upward trajectory. With most states on lockdown and daily cases still high, this downward spiral will continue in May as well, hopefully, to improve from June again. Auto manufacturers are coming forward and doing their bit with oxygen concentrators and other Covid relief material. In times like these, everyone has to come together. After all, if roads are dug up, then even the best shock absorbers with the highest engineering of adaptive suspension in the world can’t give you a smooth ride.

The good news is that the rest of the world is opening up, vaccinating, and shaping up, and the virus is being defeated. Hopefully, we will also follow the same trend and the days are not far when we can get essential and exotic cars driven on exotic roads both in India and abroad. A tsunami of incoming vehicles slated to be launched when the veil of the second wave is lifted. That’s another reason to be optimistic about and switch channels when all you see in the news is an apocalypse.

We have also got down to some serious work and picked the 25 most wanted cars in 2021, which you should be looking at having in your garage. Tesla has announced that it will not accept bitcoins anymore. This news is not essential, but the blockchain technology in car registration and transfer can be so game-changing and seamless. We can extend it to the vehicle’s health, where the blockchain ledger is updated every time it has made a trip to a service station.

The EV story continues to remain exciting, with Hyundai Ioniq and Mercedes EQS which has completely redefined electric play in the coming days. A long-range, cutting-edge tech and futuristic design language are just some things that will get you to the edge of your seat. Lamborghini Sian is another one which reinforces that electric cars can be also for enthusiasts, and with that hope and the hope for a virus-free world, I would like to dot this note here.