Gordon Murray’s T.50 rewrites the supercar rule book

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3.9-litre V12 is the world’s lightest, highest-revving, most power dense naturally-aspirated road car engine

Gordon Murray Automotive has unveiled its T.50 supercar in full for the first time, showing the finished exterior and interior design and confirming its ground-breaking technical specifications. The T.50 has been engineered to be the purest, lightest, most driver-centric supercar ever.

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Improving on his acclaimed McLaren F1 “in every conceivable way”, Professor Gordon Murray CBE is leading the team that will begin building customer versions of the 986kg supercar in January 2022. Justifying its £2.36m (before taxes) price tag, the T.50 promises to deliver an unsurpassed driving experience. It is powered by a 100% bespoke 3.9-litre, 663PS V12 engine that revs to a record-breaking 12,100rpm, and features the most advanced and effective aerodynamics ever seen on a road car – aided by a 400mm rear-mounted fan.

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The global premiere is the first time the clean lines of the exterior and the driver-focused interior have been seen. From his first ballpoint sketches, to every engineering and design detail, Murray has led the Gordon Murray Automotive team and briefed and overseen suppliers to drive the project forward at an unrelenting pace. Murray’s design for T.50 was the 50th in a prestigious line of race and road cars he’s penned over his illustrious 50-year career – both reasons combining to name the car T.50.

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The most dominant characteristics of the T.50 exterior design are its purity and balance, free from the wings, skirts and vents that adorn most modern-day supercars. The clean surfaces are enabled by the most advanced and effective aerodynamics ever seen on a road car, resulting in deliberately simple, beautiful lines and a timeless appearance.
The purity of the silhouette is broken dramatically when the pair of dihedral doors rise up and forwards, coming to rest high above the passenger cabin. Inside, the driver-centric approach is plain to see – from the central, jet fighter-like driving position, to the aerospace-grade primary and secondary controls arranged in an ‘ergonomic bubble’ around the driver.

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At the heart of T.50 ethos is the ultimate, sensory-rich driving experience, which all starts with the central driving position. The ‘jet-fighter’ style seating position affords an unhindered view out of the cabin, offering the type of pure driving experience usually associated with a single-seater race car layout.

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Inside the cabin, all of the T.50’s ergonomically-placed analogue controls are beautifully weighted. From communicative steering, which delivers pinpoint accuracy, to the weighting of the six-speed manual transmission and titanium throttle pedal, the engineering focus has always been on driving perfection.

The T.50’s kerb weight of 986kg makes it the lightest supercar of the modern era, lower than the average supercar weight by almost a third. Thanks to the focus on lightweighting, the car offers unparalleled levels of agility, responsiveness and driver focus. The T.50 is a car that is created to be ‘alive’ at normal road speeds, not only when the revs climb past 10,000rpm. It will entertain and engage on low-speed daily trips, as well as when driving on the open road just for the thrill of it.

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At the core of the T.50 is a lightweight carbon fibre monocoque. It has been constructed by UK-based company Formaplex and features novel, cutting-edge part-bonded carbon fibre an aluminium honeycomb core. This construction method gives the T.50 exceptional structural rigidity, which benefits handling, agility and ride comfort. The intrinsic strength of carbon fibre ensures exceptional occupant safety in the event of a crash. The carbon fibre panels feature precisely engineered deformable areas and the car also uses an F1-style ‘passenger safety cell’. The rigidity and torsional strength negate the need for additional bracing or reinforcement – another area of weight-saving.

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The 3.9-litre T.50 engine delivers maximum power 663bhp at 11,500rpm, on its way to a 12,100rpm redline. The Cosworth GMA V12 not only promises screaming high-end power, it is also extremely tractable for everyday driving. The maximum torque figure of 467Nm is produced at 9,000rpm, while the pick-up is a record-breaking 28,400 revs per second.

Being totally bespoke, it was possible to optimise every component of the gearbox for weight. Remarkably, the Xtrac team created a super-strong but extremely light aluminium housing that was cast at just 2.4mm thickness – resulting in a gearbox that not only met strict packaging requirements within the car, but also weighed in at just 80.5kg.

Passengers have a large amount of usable storage space, with a combined 30 litres of interior stowage across five compartments – one above each passenger’s footrest, another under each passenger seat, plus one behind the driver’s headrest. Set within the left and right rear haunches of the car are vertical-load luggage compartments, each with around 90 litres of capacity – comfortably swallowing a flight case each side. When carrying three passengers, the luggage capacity totals 228 litres. However, by using a specially made suitcase that is sculpted to the shape of the passenger seat, two occupants can enjoy 288 litres of luggage / storage space

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T.50 buyers have received bespoke and personalised service, from the first expression of interest and throughout the purchase, specification and manufacturing process. That same approach will continue for the duration of their ownership. During the car’s development, owners have been given first sight of vehicle designs, engineering milestones and project updates. Moving closer to the car’s 2022 manufacturing date, customers will be invited to set up their car to fit them perfectly, while customisation of colours and interior will allow individualisation of the strictly limited 100 T.50 models