EV startups are trying with all their might to bust the misconceptions people have related to electric vehicles. In a similar wake, Hyderbad-based Gravton Motors has announced that its electric offering ‘Quanta’ has managed to cover 4011 kilometers in record time! The company has claimed that its Quanta EV covered the distance from Kanyakumari to Khardung La (Ladakh) in just 164 hours and 30 minutes. This herculean feat has helped Gravton to register its name in the Asia Book of Records.

The K2K ride was flagged off from Kanyakumari on September 13, 2021 and culminated on September 20 at Khardung La. You might be wondering since Quanta is an EV, how did it manage to create this record? This is exactly where its swappable battery technology comes into play.

“Over the last one year, the EV industry was grappled in both upswing and downswing in matters concerning the performance of the EV vehicles launched in the market. To counter the uncertainty and also to instill a strong belief that, we are competent enough to design and develop EV vehicles that can outperform petrol-powered vehicles, we took this unconventional route and set the Quanta ride this impeccable K2K drive, ” said Parshuram Paka, Founder & CEO Gravton Motors.

The manufacturer also claimed that the Quanta had no problems during the ride and their whole campaign was devoid of any breakdown. According to the company, Quanta’s thermal management system was designed to perform optimally at low temperatures of Ladakh. The team that was appointed to undertake this project was accompanied by a battery swapping station during the ride.

Gravton has big plans for the future as it is going to rack up production at its manufacturing facility at Cherlapally, Hyderabad. The company has also stated that it is indigenously designing and developing components. Moreover, Gravton is also going to step foot in the electric motorcycle segment by rolling out a new electric motorcycle that will be launched in the next six months.