When someone states powerful family sedans, the first thought that pops in your head is the German sedans like the BMW M3/M5 or the Mercedes AMG C63/E63 but not an Alfa Romeo. However, Alfa has decided to change that perception by fettling with their Giulia Quadrifoglio (An excellent base to begin with) and creating this, the Giulia GTA.

What does the GTA stand for, you ask? It stands for ‘Gran Turismo Alleggerita’, which translated to English means ‘Gran Turismo Lightened”. A 100 kilograms, to be precise, is the overall weight loss of the Giulia GTA compared to the standard spec Giulia. Extensive use of carbon fibre in the front bumpers and fenders and the front wheel arches are one of the many methods used by Alfa to keep the further reduce weight. In addition, the use of aluminium is widespread in the engine, doors, suspension and various composite materials in many other components: on the GTAm (race-spec version), polycarbonate has is used in the side and rear window frames, further contributing to the weight reduction. The Giulia GTA also brags about being the first performance sedan to offer centre locking wheel nut on the 20-inch alloys.

Alfa has tweaked the 2.9 V6 Bi-Turbo engine in terms of power, now producing 540hp, which is 30hp more than the standard Giulia Quadrifoglio. While that might not sound like much, Alfa’s engineers have collaborated with Sauber Engineering to improve the aerodynamics and handling. Changes include the new rear spoiler – adjustable to 4 positions in the GTAm, the active front splitter, which can be extended for use on the track by up to 40 mm on the Giulia GTAm. Other features developed include the Akrapovič central exhaust system in titanium and rear diffuser in carbon fibre. In addition, handling is improved by widening the Quadrifoglio’s front wheel tracks by 25 mm and their rear counterparts by 50 mm and developing a specific suspension setup for the suspension systems. Also worth mentioning is while developing the Giulia GTA, the two drivers from the Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 team, Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Räikkönen, played an active role in some track testing sessions, during which they provided invaluable indications, especially on the car’s aerodynamic components and handling.

In terms of exclusivity, the Giulia GTA certainly checks all the right boxes. Not only is it limited to just 300 units globally.  But customers can also customize their vehicle with a whole host of unique spec options such as livery options depicting victories of Alfa Romeo and iconic elements of the Alfa Romeo logo such as the Cross and Biscione on the bonnet. Alfa Romeo will also offer an experience package, including a Bell helmet in special GTA livery with a dedicated serial number, a specific body-colour Goodwool car cover – customizable on request, and exclusive after-sales services. The GTAm will also come with full Alpinestars racing apparel.