Just like we saw a change of the safety car in Formula 1 where the Aston Martin Vantage replaced the Mercedes-Benz GT R, Formula E’s organisers have replaced the BMW i8 Roadster with the MINI Electric Pacesetter. Made in collaboration with John Cooper Works (guys responsible for the maddest Minis created), the Mini Electric Pacesetter connects the brand’s electrified future with the rich racing history of John Cooper Works. The car was made out of the new MINI Cooper SE as part of an unprecedented collaboration between MINI Design, BMW Motorsport, the FIA and the Formula E.

JCW has always known to make bizarre creations with Mini, so you can only imagine how happy the boffins at JCW must have been while creating it, and it shows. All the standard components from the Mini Cooper SE have been removed, and it is stripped to its bare bones and reconstructed into a full-blown racecar with carbon fibre and aero components. Even the interior is stripped from all creature comforts and instead lies a full body roll cage, six-point race harness and the door panels are made in carbon fibre.

For obvious reasons, JCW has tweaked the drive system on the Cooper SE and now produces 181bhp and 280Nm, enabling the MINI Electric Pacesetter to sprint from 0-100 km/h in just 6.7 seconds. If these numbers don’t impress you, let me remind you that the car weighs in at only 1230 kg, which is a whopping 130 kilograms lighter than the road-going version.

My guess is that the Mini Electric Pacesetter has created a buzz around the Formula E Championship and can increase people’s interest in watching it. Also, if you like the images, do not forget to right-click and save them to your device and set them the Mini Electric Pacesetter as your wallpaper.