Honda Amaze – Long term report

Honda Amaze
Long term review for January 2021

In a world that is moving towards petrol-SUVs, having a diesel compact sedan is rather strange. So it made me curious about how it would feel when we borrowed the Honda Amaze diesel for a short stint. The sedan proportions are something I am personally fond of, and the diesel engine, although not an enthusiasts dream, turned out to be a boon when I glanced at the ‘range to empty’

On a full tank, the Amaze with its diesel engine allows you to take it for over 800km! And what’s even better is that, if you drive it with a relaxed foot, you can eke out a shocking 19.6kpl. It was a no-brainer then to take it on a long never-ending drive out of town. The big boot gobbled up all my luggage and the ride quality was excellent over bad roads.

It was hilarious to go and come back on the same tank of fuel and still be left with three bars on the gauge. Sadly, like every good thing, this too came to an end and before I knew it, I had to bid adieu to the Amaze. I genuinely never thought I would grow fond of a simple diesel sedan, but the Amaze really did amaze me.