The mid-size sedan segment in India has been sort of mothballed for quite some time now, majorly because of the utter domination presented by the SUVs. Now though, things are changing as Volkswagen and Skoda’s combined assault has reignited the sparks again. Honda Cars India must have noticed this development, the reason why it is finally going to launch the City Hybrid in the coming months. It should have landed on our shores long back but then someone decided to eat an infected bat.

What can we expect?

Upon launch, the Honda City Hybrid will become the first car in its segment to boast of this green technology. Some might argue that Maruti Suzuki Ciaz deserves that tag but it cannot be driven in pure EV mode, unlike the City Hybrid.

The Honda City Hybrid derives its polar bear-friendly thrust from its 98PS 1.5-litre petrol engine that is combined with two electric motors. One electric motor handles the job of being a generator while the other is the real deal as it helps propel the car with its 109PS/253Nm. As we mentioned earlier, the City Hybrid can also be driven in pure EV mode and the ICE motor will only come into action if the car detects that it needs that extra oomph. This whole hybrid setup is mated to a CVT and all the performance is sent to the front wheels.

Over the years, hybrids have proven their worth of being greener and more efficient at the same time. Following the rulebook, the Honda City Hybrid is expected to return an astronomical fuel efficiency of 30kmpl. City Hybrid’s i-MMD hybrid technology also performs its job in other Honda cars as well. It is expected that the driver will have three modes to choose from- pure EV mode, pure ICE mode and a combination of both.

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Over the petrol sedan, the City Hybrid is expected to command INR 2-2.5 Lakh more, comparatively.