“IT’S CONNECTION WITH THE INDIAN ARMY FIRED AN EMOTIONAL ‘BULLET’ THAT TORE INTO OUR SENSES AND HAS BECOME A “CLASSIC” MOTORCYCLING LIFESTYLE.” HUNTING – THE MOTORCYCLING FUN! I t was just that month when motorcycles took over cars, and new bikes kept dropping from everywhere. TVS Ronin shook up the motorcycling world and even there was a thunderstorm in Goa where it was launched. Bajaj came out with its Pulsar N160cc, Suzuki sharpened its 2022 Katana, Simple One charged us with its pre-production electric scooter, and finally, Royal Enfield invited us to go hunting in Bangkok and gave us the “Hunter”. Not everyone is aware that Royal Enfield was once a British brand that went bankrupt and got picked up by Siddharth Lal fondly called Sid ,who turned this brand into a profitable global brand with a swag of its own. It’s connection with the Indian Army fired an emotional ‘bullet’ that tore into our senses and has become a “classic” motorcycling lifestyle. The Hunter was unveiled for Rs 149,900, and it’s a master stroke by Royal Enfield to attract a segment of riders who were bystanders to the RE culture. It’s a case study of how a motorcycling brand has developed an accessory business to give a complete lifestyle to the rider’s ecosystem. We have also flagged off on a 5000 km ride with Suzuki V-Storm 250 covering the seven wonders of India, but that story will come in the next issue as the real test of Man Vs Machine and Anant Pandey from my team, who is riding solo followed by a crew camera car who all have given up their two-wheeler license. Hyundai Tucson has completely surprised us with a sharp, tech-laden, good-looking car and deserves applause. It will be interesting to see it battle with the Jeep Compass. If it can attract buyers from the upper luxury segment, and Indian consumers can shell out that price tag for a Hyundai, then Palisade should follow its suit! On the other side, Jack Rix spent some good time with Hennessey’s 1,817bhp, 300mph+ Venom F5 and the Ferrari Daytona SP3. Both will be limited edition, and even if you have more than 20 + crores gathering dust somewhere, you can’t get your hands on either of them. Sold out. Until we meet next month, Wear your seat belts and helmets and be safe ! Editor-in-chief 006 AUGUST 2022 › WWW.TOPGEARMAG.IN