Hyundai Kona Electric – Long term report

Hyundai Kona EV

Having explored the charging destinations in the city and testing the feasibility of an EV within city limits, I have to say, the Kona Electric is starting to make a lot of sense. Get over the snag of connecting your car to a socket and you’ll see the endless possibilities. You have the guilt-free driving of not polluting the environment, your fuel bills are suddenly diminished to an extent of invisibility, and the amount of interest that you generate of the road is just phenomenal. Yet, after two months of having all this, it was time to stretch the Kona’s legs a bit more and see what’s more on offer.

Busy schedules and tight timeframes left me wondering the how’s and when’s, but the urge to test out the Kona was even stronger. So I flicked the keys to Vipul and asked him to empty the battery and get stranded, like literally. With assurances made that the team will be there for his recovery, the keys were exchanged and experiences were penned down. His two-day adventure penned down in this issue makes him sound like an 8-year old first being introduced to a Playstation but well, the Kona was back with plenty of charge left. Having established that the robot can drive the distance, I’m back to planing my own little trip with it.

Good Stuff:
Accurate figures on the estimated range
Bad Stuff:
Range anxiety that an EV comes with