India’s second-largest auto manufacturer Hyundai Motors announced the 5th edition of road safety camping to educate and make aware Indian citizens of basic road-safety protocols. The increase in the number of deaths in road-mishap is really a big part of the concern, and Hyundai pledges to contribute its part to reduce road accidents by promoting basic safety protocols.

The First edition of ‘#BeTheBetterGuyCampaing’ was launched in 2014. Since then, the South Korean manufacturer has been trying to impact India’s road safety positively. This campaign is a part of Hyundai’s global vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’. Hyundai’s core focus has always been in the road-safety sector, thus creating a meaningful and emotional connection with the customer to educate them about road safety.

“Transcending the boundaries for a sustainable social environment, #BeTheBetterGuy is one such meaningful road safety campaign that goes ‘Beyond Mobility’ to sensitize the youth about benefits of practicing safe driving habits and making Indian roads safer. As a responsible and a caring brand,Hyundai aims to create awareness about road safety and making the millennials and Gen-Z socially responsible and highlight the importance of traffic rules. Our combined efforts through #BeTheBetterGuy campaign is to engage the masses to bring a positive behavioural change in the society and go Beyond Mobility, creating a safe and sustainable ecosystem that inspires Progress for Humanity”. Says Mr. SS Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd.

This mega campaign from Hyundai motors deals with critical issues such as over-speeding, violation of traffic rules, using mobile phone while driving, not wearing seat belts, drinking and driving, underage driving and pedestrian safety. In addition to these, the campaign strongly advocates maintaining hygiene and social distancing and cultivating the habit of wearing masks when driving or riding in the car, along with periodic car sanitization.

People nowadays are finally starting to realize the value of safety in India. Like Hyundai, many other brands have taken a step to decrease road fatalities by improving their safety standards. Crash-test ratings for new products launched in India are also considered these days. Furthermost, the Government of India has taken initiatives to improve road safety, such as introducing speed cameras on roads and speed limiters in new cars to reduce road accidents.