More than six decades after its founding date, Aravind Automobiles is back. A company that developed the “first Indian car” and once built vehicles for royalty has revealed the concept for its all-electric car progeny – the Marque K.

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Codenamed Halcyon, the Marque K will reflect the company’s legacy and is a culmination of dreams stitched together over three generations. The concept has been designed entirely in-house and influenced by the founder KAB Menon and his original machines.

Here’s what we know about the Marque K:
• The entry-level K55LP variant will feature progressive throttle control, with softer springs and higher profile tyres.
• Batteries will be fitted within a prop tunnel and have a “skateboard” thickness, enabling a lower centre of gravity and better seat positioning.
• Weight distribution will be 56 to 44, front to rear, to enhance braking and cornering ability.
• The upgraded K80ZR will be a four-wheel-drive version to featured torque-vectoring.

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• ZR will feature higher power density cells and come with Li-lon capacitors to store the regen current, activated by a throttle trigger.
• Aravind will take on the famous Nurburgring track with a specially designed version in the ultimate quest for performance.
• Named the Black Marlin, this version will be limited production and will target more than 1200 hp.
• The development of the Nurburgring model will help develop aerodynamic efficiency throughout the range. All marque K models will feature a purposeful nosecone, flowing lines and a teardrop passenger cell, aiming for a drag coefficient of 0.20.

Performance is nothing without safety, so, Aravind intends to pioneer automatic fire suppression in all its models. The system will release nonconductive high-density foam within the power electronics and chassis. Low-density foam with nitrogen will be deployed within the passenger cell as well.

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Aravind also intends to introduce “governed acceleration.” This governor will electronically limit each car to an acceleration of no more than 6.77 m/s² up to 96 kmph and automatically adjust to take into account passengers or payload

The Marque K is planned for a market unveil on February 23, 2026. The cars are said to be developed and built in the UK for a global market, and could attract a price tag of around Rs 1.5 cores for the entry-level model.

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