Indian Motorcycle integrates Apple CarPlay for select models

Indian Motorcycle - Topgear Magazine India
(Image: Indian Motorcycle)

Indian Motorcycle recently announced the integration of Apple CarPlay to its model year 2020 lineup of bikes equipped with the seven-inch Ride Command system. Apple CarPlay is available on the 2020 Chieftain, Roadmaster and Challenger models with navigation.

iPhone users can easily access Apple Music, Maps, send messages with Siri and more through the Ride Command seven-inch screen and a supported Bluetooth headset (not included) – all on a user-friendly interface that iPhone users will instantly recognize. This integration also increases global accessibility to navigation.

Apple CarPlay is just one of several improvements made to Indian Motorcycle’s Ride Command system. Riders can now expect improved navigation location management, improved boot time, audio muting and control improvements (including navigation audio), widget fixes and a new fuel economy widget, and improved search functionality within navigation.