Jaguar introduces the updated F-Pace SUV at Rs 69.99 lakh

The facelift brings with it some much-needed changes including a new trim as well

Remember the Jaguar F-Pace? The sporty SUV from Jag? No? Well, it didn’t find as many buyers as its German rivals, but those who bought it will definitely advocate how good it was. Sure, it might not have had the bling and plushness of its peers, but it definitely had its share of strengths. The driving dynamics for one were quintessential Jaguar, and that means it was one of the few SUVs that offered top-notch driving pleasure behind the wheel. However, where it lacked was the premium appeal with the minimalist interior and lack of bling. That has now been fixed as Jaguar has updated the F-Pace and things this time round feel just right.

The changes have also been made to the exterior and the most prominent one is the new headlamps. It still carries over the bold fascia, but the sharp and intricate headlamp cluster with the dual-LED setup gives it a modern look. The grille too has plenty of chrome and is in a newer and sharper shape. The F-Pace is now also available in the sporty R-DYNAMIC S trim which means the exterior is that much more aggressive. The sculpted bumpers and power bulges on the bonnet accentuate the width and help give the F-Pace a more prominent road presence.

Over to the side, you get a new design for the alloy wheels and the famous leaper logo on the fenders that adds a lot of character to the F-Pace.

The rear, as is the case always, isn’t that flashy or different. Like on the front, you have a sharper design for the LED taillamps, but there isn’t a barrage of chrome-like you see on many SUVs. The F-Pace has chosen subtlety here.

Step inside and you will notice that everything that was wrong with the previous F-Pace has now been fixed. The interior is worthy of the premium tag and the highlight in here is the infotainment screen. The dashboard layout is familiar but there have been some significant changes as well. You can also choose the color of the upholstery which has two new options now with the Mars Red and Siena Tan. The other major changes include a revamped centre console and a large 11.4-inch touchscreen. It is crisp and high-res and is crammed with almost every feature you would want. The cabin also features a PM2.5 air purifier which is quite a necessity in these times and other convenience features like a 360-degree camera, four-zone climate control, powered rear seats, digital instrument cluster, and a panoramic sunroof. There have been no changes to the dimensions so space and cabin room remain the same. Its not like it needed any improvement in that area anyway.

Powering the F-Pace will be the 2.0-litre Ingenium petrol and diesel engines. The petrol churns out 246bhp and 365Nm while the diesel is rated at 201bhp and 430Nm. Both are mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox. Have there been any changes to the driving prowess is something we will only be able to tell after a drive review, but chances are it is still the same. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right?
The F-Pace’s closest rivals are the Land Rover Discovery Sport, BMW X3, and even the Range Rover Evoque, but in terms of sheer size, the Jag pips almost every single one of them. Speaking on the launch, Rohit Suri, President & Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover India, said, “The New Jaguar F-PACE sets a new benchmark in aesthetic and luxury appeal. Its enhanced and stunning looks are bound to attract existing and new customers who will also get a superior connected-car experience from this iconic luxury performance SUV.”