Keep calm and read on!

Representational image (Photo: BBC TopGear India)

I hope you and your family are safe and have utilized this downtime to brush up your skills, pick up new hobbies and tank up on family time. To say these are unprecedented times would be stating the obvious, but think of how much more deep can we fall in the pit. The virus is out there, invisibly looking at us through possibly every other person and object, we don’t have a vaccine yet, the world economy is on the verge of collapsing, job losses and salary cuts are at an all-time high, businesses have drilled holes in their cash flows and are mounting losses and we are locked up in our houses. The good bit is food supplies are on and so is the internet and of course, we are inhaling cleaner air. Forcing yourself to staying sane is not going to be easy but that’s the only task we have at hand in our fight against COVID-19.

What is the worst going to be? That the entire world will contract the virus, develop immunity or succumb to it and 100 million people will die globally – almost 5% of the worlds’ population, that’s the current death rate. Also under normal circumstances around 60 million people die each year. Seriously, that’s the worst and that’s what will keep you sane. On the positive side the world has come together as one, road accidents almost are nil, all whimsical revolts globally have come to a standstill, prisoners have been released every responsible company is doing its bit. This is what makes me want to pat the backs of automotive manufacturers globally, who have risen to the occasion with a single mission in mind and concentrated all resources in the fight against this pandemic. Automobile manufacturers are today doing everything possible, from making ventilators, PPE, other equipment and masks to providing transportation for doctors and cooked meals daily to service personnel and the needy. Even supercar manufacturers like Lamborghini who may not have a production scale as large as other mass market manufacturers is doing its bit and making hand-stitched masks and other equipment. It’s a different story as
to who would not like to be seen wearing a Lamborghini mask and shield.

The zillion-dollar question is what’s next? Countries are opening up, several car manufacturers have penciled May 18 as the date to restart production while planning all possible social distancing norms. Airlines are rearranging seats and check-in procedures and getting ready for the skies. Restaurants and malls are drawing plans to invite patrons, everyone is desperate to step out – right from school kids to office workers. The fluttering, caged human mind just wants to see the road, people want to go back to what they have been doing every day and priming themselves for the worst diegesis – of a 100 million deaths caused by COVID-19.

In my opinion, if the lockdown continues it will definitely help fight against the virus but will be like an antibiotic that will make people jobless, homeless, depressive and suicidal and not even cure COVID -19. Let’s brace ourselves, pick up our shields and get ready for the sun. It’s about to shine now as parts of India are opening up, but let’s do it very responsibly because the world we will be heading out into will be a changed one. But before that, enjoy the issue – we’ve all been working from home and thus doing our bit, but that hasn’t stopped us from bringing to you some of the best automotive reads this month!