Ken Block’s Gymkhana XI to feature the ‘Hoonifox’

Hoonifox Image : Hoonigan Racing

Ken Block’s current wish list is to build a smoke machine on four wheels and make a Gymkhana video of it. 80s Miami Vice-style, down in Miami. Well, looks like those are enough hints for us to know what’s on the next Gymkhana. Or is it?

The smoke machine has been revealed- at least in 3D digital renders. Meet the Hoonifox, which is based on the third-generation Ford Mustang (1973-1993). Partially responsible for the project is Ash Thorp- a graphic designer from Hollywood who is currently in the limelight for designing the new Batmobile from the upcoming film ‘The Batman’ starring Robert Pattinson. Thorp worked with the Hoonigan team to gather ideas from their previous purpose-built vehicles and create something that demonstrates the Hoonigan Racing spirit.

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Image : Hoonigan Racing

The result is an ultra-wide body kit slapped on the boxy Mustang with those WRC inspired fenders all around, along with a humongous hood-scoop upfront. Some meaty tires bolted on to ensure maximum smoke for the cameras. The twin exhausts on either side hint on a sweet-sounding engine, however details on the powertrain haven’t been released yet. There are a few options that Hoonigan can proceed with, and the 1,400 bhp electric motor from the recently unveiled Mustang Cobra Jet is up there in the list. One thing that is affirmative- the Hoonifox will come equipped with a rally-spec AWD system to ensure maximum precision while it squeezes itself in those tight-as boxes and cuts through the streets of Miami. Bring it on, Ken Block!