Kia Seltos HTK Plus 1.5 iMT

Why is it here?
To test how capable is the intelligent manual transmission compared to conventional manuals and automatic gearboxes.

This IMT gearbox has always intrigued my mind and I have been trying to get my hands on a vehicle fitted with this specific set of gearbox for quite a while. Having spent most of my life driving automatics or manuals, a manual gearbox without a clutch really left my head scratching. Well, nowadays, I use the Seltos as my primary mode of transport around Mumbai and I cannot explain how much of a boon does it feel to not constantly have to clutch in and clutch out in peak traffic.

In all honesty, I do really like the feel of rev-matching to get precise gearshifts but after having to spend three hours in traffic, I would much rather opt for this IMT system (if I was having budget constraints for an automatic). I am looking forward to more city adventures with the Seltos IMT as it is certainly growing on me which is extremely high praise for a brand like Kia that has thought of bringing this innovation to India.