You must choose: Koenigsegg Jesko for top speed, or for track?

Koenigsegg Jesko 2 Front View


There’s a new niche in the fastest car in the world game: choosing between the hyperquick lo-drag version, or the track focused, big-wing version. Bugatti’s at it, with the Chiron Pur Sport, and as of this week, there’s a pair of Koenigseggs to deliberate.

Namely, the ‘standard’ Jesko, with the giant wing, and the Jesko Absolut, with its fighter jet-inspired rear fins, smoothed bodywork and target of a 500kph+ v-max. That’s over 310mph, in old money.

Now, you could argue that top speed is irrelevant, and silly. But is it any more intangible than massive downforce claims? Would the Jesko Absolut maybe look a little less, well, try-hard pootling through downtown Monte Carlo?