Your favourite orange street naked is about to turn green! Austrian bikemaker KTM has confirmed that it is indeed working on an electric Duke which is likely to be called E-Duke. So no extra attention was paid when it comes to its nomenclature. The development of E-Duke was confirmed in an internal presentation held by Pierer Mobility when KTM’s parent company unveiled its zero-emission plans. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because last year, Husqvarna unleashed the E-Pilen prototype in the electric world.

The leaked document suggests that the upcoming E-Duke is going to borrow its underpinnings from the E-Pilen. So there is a 5.5kWh battery pack that will enable both the EVs to put down around 10kW. This amount of oomph will put the E-Duke in the same boat as the Duke 125 when it comes to overall performance. A test mule of the E-Duke is yet to make an appearance on the public roads, but the purposefully pixelated image does lend us an initial impression. Just like their ICE-powered counterparts, the E-Pilen and E-Duke are going to be poles apart when it comes to their overall design philosophy. While the E-Pilen is expected to carry Husqvarna’s legacy forward in terms of its suave design, the E-Duke won’t disappoint KTM fanboys either, thanks to its razor-sharp styling.

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The E-Duke is also expected to borrow E-Pilen’s trellis frame, upside-down fork and offset rear monoshock. Given the size of the motor, the electric Duke will come out to be an affordable product. It is also worth noting here that Bajaj and KTM are co-developing an electric platform that will encompass EVs with outputs ranging from 3kW to 10kW. We cannot sideline the possibility of seeing Bajaj’s take on an electric motorcycle either. Considering the relationship that Bajaj and KTM share, it is also being assumed that the E-Duke will be manufactured and sold in India as well. KTM’s Duke range enjoys huge popularity in the Indian sub-continent and the spawning of its electric counterpart is only going to charge it up even further!