Lamborghini Aventador LP780-4 Ultimae is the final encore

The last of the naturally aspirated V12’s bids adieu after a glorious run

With the rise in EVs and battery tech, the demise of the ICE is inevitable. However, it pains deeper when it is something like the naturally aspirated V12 from Lamborghini. The engine has been around for the longest, and seeing it at the end of its lifetime is a sad moment indeed. However, like all things cool, the V12 too won’t just bow out but will go out with one last bang in the form of this, the Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae.

Lamborghini Aventador UltimaeAccording to Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, The Aventador LP780-4 denotes the final, purest, timeless naturally-aspirated production V12 Lamborghini. It delivers the essential twelve-cylinder experience in terms of inimitable design, engineering solutions and the most emotive driving experience and is the definitive Aventador concluding an extraordinary era. It is the last of its kind: it delivers the maximum power and conclusive performance expected from Lamborghini’s current V12 engine, combined with our inimitable flagship’s design DNA. The Aventador was destined to become a classic from launch, and the Aventador LP780-4 is the most beautiful expression of timeless design and technical solutions in a final edition: Ultimae.

Lamborghini Aventador UltimaeThe Ultimae will be available in two forms – Coupe and Roadster, and as the name suggests powering it will be the same 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 that pumps out 770 bhp, which is a lot more than the Aventador S and even the SVJ. 0-100kph is an EV-scaring 2.8 secs, and its lightweight carbon-fibre monocoque and extensive use of carbon fibre throughout the body contributes to its dry weight of just 1,550 kg. Thanks to that, the Ultimae can touch 355kph and sound like your child’s first words while it’s at it.

Lamborghini Aventador UltimaeSo, if you can buy one, know that only 350 coupés and 250 roadsters numbered editions of the Ultimae will be for sale, so prospective buyers will need to stop reading this now and put down that order. Offered as standard are 18 colors, with plenty of options and more than 300 colors available through Lamborghini Ad Personam, allowing owners to create their own unique model.